Cast/Crew Autographed Boba Fett Print

This sold for $1,500 (before buyer's premium) in a June 24, 2022 auction at Propstore.

"This 2012 color-printed image of Boba Fett features a thin black border, Mythosaur skull and clan crest symbols, and the caption "Boba Fett" with the subtitle "Design. Voice. Costume. Props Inside the Armor: Actors & Stuntmen." It is signed in blue ink by the following crew members: Bruce Nicholson; Glenn Randall; Don Bies; Nelson Hall; Mark Austin; Kevin Pike; Alan Harris; Brian Johnson; Ira Keeler; Peter Roy; Jason Wingreen; Louis Friedman; Dirk Yohan "Dickey" Beer; Tom St. Amand; Pete Ronzani; Sandy "Momma Fett" Dhuyvetter; Vance Lorenzini; Duwayne Dunham; Brian Archer; Bob Yerkes; John Morton; Ben Burtt; Joe Johnston; Kit West; Jeremy Bulloch; John Mollo; and Nilo Rodis-Jamero. It exhibits corner creasing. Dimensions: 20" x 15.75" (50.5 cm x 40 cm)"

Scan and caption courtesy of Propstore.

We did the typo on Kevin Pike's name; it's not Kelvin.

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June 24, 2022

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