About the Boba Fett Fan Film

Film by Gary Gorzoch. Filmed in 2011.

The Empire has fallen. Chaos ensues... The rebels have had a successful victory but evil awaits from all angles. One whom was assumed dead has not only survived but his anger has grown. With Darth Vader gone, no one has his back. He is alone, again. Past prisoners and hunted victims seek revenge all the while he seeks the same. The Mystery behind Boba Fett will unfold . He WILL have his revenge, regardless...

A Proposed live action film... Written, Directed by Gary G. This trailer written, directed, designed, scored, and brought to reality by Gary G / Dj Shag... Score created on my iPad 2... Anyone that is a fan of Star Wars wants this film to be made. Possibly one of the best characters never expanded upon. Cast in this trailer: Terry Emelio - Boba Fett Carlos Fogelquist - Shadow / Blackhole trooper

(Film was originally hosted by Atom Films, which Comedy Central bought and took apart. The original URL unfortunately no longer worked.)

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