About the Boba Fett Fan Film

Film by Tom Grey. Filmed in 2013.

The Epic Conclusion to the Speed Dating Trilogy is bigger and better than its predecessors...Star Wars Style! Take a trip to the Mos Eisley Cantina and drop in on a speed dating event with some of your favorite characters. Who would you take home? Darth Vader? Luke Skywalker? Emperor Palpatine? Even Jar Jar Binks...sort of.

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Directed and Produced by: Tom Grey @theRealTomGrey
Written by: Tom Grey, Ben Gigli, Brett Houston
Director of Photography: Daniel Kenji Levin
Wardrobe: Manzi DeYoung
Hair & Makeup: Andrea Burish
Production Designer: Megan Burns
Original Score: Sonya Belousova

VFX Supervisor, VFX Producer, Compositor
Alessandro Schiassi (www.alessandroschiassi.com)

Jar Jar CGI Model:
Modelling, Texturing, Rendering:
Hive Division ( www.hivedivision.net )
Animation and Rigging:
PatazStudio (http://patazstudio.com)

Set Photographer
Luca Pisanu (www.luca-pisanu.com)

Special Thanks to our Cast:
Brian Firenzi - George Lucas
Michael Rousselet - Storm Trooper & Emperor Palpatine
Grant Hartman - Chewbacca
Seaathon Shaw - Greedo
Max Huber - Obi Wan
Darrin Cummings - Dan Solo
Katie Muise - Princess Leia
Ryan McGrady - Luke Skywalker
I. Elijah Baughman - Lando
Terry Emelio - Boba Fett
James Hurd - Mace Windu
Vanessa Walton - Twi'Lek
Terry Smith - Bartender
Gregory Kashmanian - Star Wars Kid
Tom Martens - James T. Kirk
Sarah Adriana Solo - Speed Dating Girl
Darrel Scott - Cantina Band
Dale Shieh - Cantina Band
James Gillispie - Cantina Band
Ben Gigli - Darth Vader

Some costumes provided by facebook.com/SheaStandefer

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