About the Star Wars Fan Film with Boba Fett

Film by Keith Allen. Filmed in 2015.

Creator/Director: Keith Allen
Producers: Keith Allen, Andrew Carver, Scott Knopf
Cinematography: Andy Matthews and Elliot York
Gaffe/Lighting: Marcus Joseph
Writer: Scott Knopf, Keith Allen, Donnie Bonelli, and Sam Forsey
Production Design: Keith Allen and Andrew Carver
Music Production: Andrew Pulley, Marcus Joseph, and Keith Allen
Edited by Keith Allen
Costumes: Cosplayers themselves, and Taylormaide
Production Assistants: Jacob Privette, David Oakes, Andrew Carver, Scott Knopf

Boba Fett: Mike Handy
Han Solo: Keith Allen
Palpatine: BJ Whimpey
Lando: Jay Whittaker
Obi-Wan: Benjamin Phillips
Luke: David Eff Peterson
Leia: Shae Robins
Darth Vader: Dallen Jensen
C3PO: Shawn Gordon
R2D2: Doug Dobyns

Boba 1st
Boba knows battles
Boba knows murder
Boba knows bodyin a scruffy nerf herder
In cloud city I curbed ya
Came here to serve ya
You want beef? Ima Turn ya furry buddy to burger
Burn ya cause my words are like a blaster, end ya life
Words a little faster when I'm grabbing on the mic
I don't need any carbonite if I wanna harm ya guy
This the 2nd time I'm puttin Solo on ice
You claim you're the best, like we should be impressed
by your imploded pecks But dude look how you're dressed!
You're shirt isn't pressed, why you showing your chest?
If that ain't bad enough skinny pants and a vest
Turn a Corellian into a skeleton and then deliver him
Like pizza to a hut, boba's on the hunt
Somebody bring the bounty bout to clean these bodies up
Grabbing Chewie lift him up I'm sweeping you under the rug

Han 1st
Sorry about your dad, and that you don't got a mom
But hey, Keep ya head up Fetty, or at least try to keep it on
Just kidding I'm not sorry
In fact I'm determined to end you
Han Solo do better I'll sever your head like i’m Mace Windu
Your first round was garbage, can't you tell you're the worst?
That's the best you got? I even let this guy shoot first!
You must know that you're whack, that's why you don't say many words
I heard Boba cloned somebody else’s verse
Why you trynna battle a Corellian kid?
You wear a jetpack and still you fell in a pit
I'm tellin you, quit/before you're truly gettin charged on
Im unruly, dont need Chewie to tear your arms off
Together you and me, we're like the millennium falcon
You don't look like much, and I got it where it counts
So if you value life an ounce it's time for Boba to bow out
This cat's a Sarlacc, Im hungry and ready to chow down!

Boba 2nd
you're not a real rebel solo, you're just an affiliate
You've got to be the silliest Corellian Really kid
When you're in the microphone ain't nobody feeling it
And a parsec's a measurement of distance you idiot
I’m a clone on his own breaking bones when I flow
You wanna roll through the hood? Han, I bet you don’t
You ain't ghetto like Fett though, Stop playing pretend bro
Think you bad while you brag about your one black friend? (Yo!)
Your girl has many side dudes…I hope that you don’t love her
They walk in single file…so that they can hide their numbers
Back in the day she dated every Tusken raider
Gettin down in the sand… Princess Leia!
Still you're trynna bag her
Solo you's a sucker
I'm a copy? you're even
Getting sloppy seconds to her brother!
Don't let it get you down man
It's better this way truly
Follow your heart brother
And go snuggle up with Chewie

Han 2nd
This a battle you can't afford
Bounty hunter you'll get absorbed
This opponent I'm sure y'all could tell that Han Solo settled for
Probably got someone feeding you verses inside your helmet through telecommunication that's
what you got that antenna for!
Never gon’ be the Cad Bain of the rap game little man, hey and
ya jet pack prolly give you back pain
And you never livin' up to your dad's name!
For a Mandalorian you're mad lame
Your back story isn't that great
You're the weakest thing in the franchise
make Jar Jar look like he's Bad A
Rhymes like a blaster, And I'ma shoot you surely,
And Greedo he done told me that your jet-pack goes off pre-maturely.
You keep spittin basic rhymes my rhymes are other worldly
So there’s a pit out in the desert where I’m giving you a swirly
Put ya 6 feet below!
You're pretty easy to beat bro
I know people think you're neato
But solo be crushing ego
We know Greedo in a speedo be revin up your libido
even he don't make you sweat it like this millennium eagle!

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