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No Disintegrations

About the Boba Fett Fan Film

Film by Boba Fett Fan Club. Filmed in 2017.

"Boba Fett's Transmissions from Slave I."

Starring Mark Austin (Boba Fett in Star Wars: Special Edition)

Director/DP: Aaron Proctor
Writer: Ray Bossert
Concept: Aaron Proctor
Creative Consultant: Daniel Lo
Production/Post: FWDLABS
Studio: Whisper Films Digital (Burbank, CA)
Studio Tech: Albert Ruis
Best Boy Electrics (Rotating): Nick Kane, Robert Penna
Music: Crysknife007
Set Design: Mark Austin
Motion Graphics: Jeremy Troy
Icons: Rafalfett
Shot on RED

Fan Reactions

"This is amazing. Thank you. I have no words beyond that. Just speechless." -- Alex S. (Facebook)
"This is like a dream come true. Exactly what I've always wanted and needed in my life. I can't wait for what you have in store next. Definitely keep this up, you guys!" -- Klara Z. (Facebook)
"This is incredible. Looking forward to the next one." ... "Wow, this almost looks official." -- The Rabbit Twitches (YouTube)
"This made my day." -- Ooga Booga (YouTube)
"The video is brilliant! I loved it." -- scifi_fan_kat (Twitter)
"It was great. Loved it." -- SanSkydancer (Twitter)
"So hard to pick just one [favorite line], but I love this one: 'And it's time to squeegee the T visor again.'" -- WhyItMatterz (Twitter)
"'A radar dish about to blow bubbles'" OMG this is AWESOME #FettWorthy #BobaFett" -- MenaGP1226 (Twitter)
"Lmao, I loved it! 'It's gotta be Fett worthy.' We need a series of this!" ... "The acting and script is great. Go Fett!?" -- FeddeCampo (Twitter and YouTube)


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Added to BFFC on September 18th, 2017