About the Star Wars Fan Film with Boba Fett

Film by Joseph Winter. Filmed in 2017.

In his first ever online course, legendary insult comic Jabba the Hutt brings his years of comic industry experience to you! 90 Imperial credits will get you lifetime access.

This Star Wars fan film is a parody of Masterclass trailers. Check out their channel to see the originals!

Written and Directed by Joseph Winter
Produced by Vanessa and Joseph Winter
Director of Photography - A. Todd Smith

1st AC - Andy Matthews
2nd AC - Aaron Tharp
Gaffer - Roger Stoddard
Grip - Alan Stoddard
1st Assistant Director - Vanessa Winter
Camera Operator: Brenna Empey
Production Audio - Patrick Hayes
VFX - James McAllister, Nick Dixon, Jared Walker
Colorist - Casey Wilson

Jabba the Hutt - Voiced by Casey Warren, Puppeteered by Troy and Heather Larson
Rancor Guard - Adam Johnson
Oola - Allie Rae
X-Wing Pilot - Gabe Casdorph
C-3PO - Shawn Gordon
Boba Fett - Dalton Gordon
Admiral Ackbar - Danny Jones, Voiced by Casey Warren
Lando Calrissian - Darryl Poston
R2D2 - Lance Whitaker
Nien Nunb - Nick Sholz, Voiced by Joseph Winter
Ewok - Amanda and Sophia Acevedo
Cornelius Evazan (Pig Face Heckler) - Randy McNair, Makeup by Lara and Randy McNair
Heckler: Jake Stormoen
Hammerhead - Jordan Harker
Salacious B. Crumb - Puppeteered by Randy McNair, Voiced by Casey Warren
Princess Leias - Michele Hansen, Megan Hansen, Cassidy Hilton
Storm troopers - Aaron Mead, Seth Finch

Costume Designer - Emma Muller
Costume Assistants - James Houtz, Noah Simms, Kolby Butts
Hair and Makeup - Mia Alban
Jabba Puppet built by Troy Larson
Jubba Puppet Build Assistant: Cody Armendariz
On Set Puppeteer Assistant - BC Sterrett
Art Contributions by Mike Loveland, Alma Loveland, Amy Smith
Post-production Audio - Joseph Winter
Edited by Joseph Winter
BTS Cinematographer - James McAllister
2nd Assistant Director - Seth Orris

Production Assistants - Devin G. Squire, Mike White, Jeremy Speaks, James McAllister, Aaron Mead, Valerie Sterrett, Ylena Lee

Huge shout out to Zach Atherton and Improv Broadway in Provo for an amazing location! https://www.facebook.com/ImprovBroadway/

Special Thanks to
Zach Atherton
Dylan and Caity Barney
Marsha and Bret Barney
Charles and Patty Winter
The Sienna and Joe Faux family
Melanie Stone
Emily Jacobson
Doug Pasko
Joel and Marife Acevedo
HUUUUUGE thank you to all the extras!

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