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About the Boba Fett Fan Film

Film by Darryl and Trevor Lamb.

Flash Animation about how the Bounty Hunters from the original trilogy ended up in that profession in the first place.

The Bounty Hunters Talk Back
A Stuff Animation production

Darryl Lamb
Animation, Director, Editor, Music

Trevor Lamb
Director, Editor, Music, Producer, Scriptwriter, Sound Effects Editor

Voice Credits

4-LOM, Dengar, Jabba The Hutt....Darryl Lamb
Greedo, Han Solo....Trevor Lamb
Boba Fett....Ted Alderman
Bossk....Ryan Czaplinski
Chewbacca....Tyler Gray
Darth Vader....Ben Fletcher
Empire voiceover....Chad Miles
IG-88....Andrew Hookway
Joe....Glenn Hvidsten
Stormtroopers, T-6PO....Tristan Snowsill
Zuckuss....Courtland Brugger

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