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Boba's V-blog
Star Wars Fan Film with Boba Fett

About the Boba Fett Fan Film

Film by Tresob Yr. Filmed in 2008.

Web series written and animated by TresobYr with voice-over by Beedo Sookcool.

"Fierce. Determined. Relentless. These are the traits for which Boba Fett has made himself feared throughout the galaxy. But now, the most fearsome and mysterious of bounty hunters is ready to show the Internet community his more sensitive side on his very own video blog. (BFVB is is an unofficial, fan-made parody of characters owned by Lucasfilm.)"

YouTube Playlist

Episode 1: Boba Fett's Video Blog

To help commemorate creaturecantina.com's 23rd Anniversary, Boba Fett offered to deliver his first Video Blog.

Episode 2: Fett vs. Solo

Boba Fett continues his rant about being cast as a villain while Han Solo claims heroic glory.

Episode 3: Ewok Gospel

Boba Fett has some thoughts about the Ewok Gospel and why the message behind this song should be objectionable to any civilized sentient being.

Episode 4: Sweded Star Wars - A Cardboard Hope

Evidently, Boba Fett doesn't get the art of Sweded film...or, at least, he doesn't get this video by Chris Parrott

Episode 5: BobaFett.com

Boba Fett sends his own special brand of appreciation to his adoring fan base.

Episode 6: The Sniffles

Boba Fett's back on his video blog...and he's armed with excuses!

Episode 7: Stormtroopers in Love

Boba Fett delivers a little TMI on his opinion regarding JStormTrooper's compilation video, "Stormtroopers in Love."

Episode 8: Star Wars Dance

It turns out that jetpacks are much cooler in theory than in practice...

Episode 9: Hydraness' Tutorial on Armor Maintenance

Boba Fett responds to Hydraness' fan costume project

Episode 10: Boba Fett vs. H1N1

Given the recent health concerns in the galaxy, Boba Fett has a small request to make from prospective clients.

Episode 11: Father's Day Tribute

Boba Fett wanted to do a little something special on his video blog to commemorate Father's Day this year.

Episode 12: Boba Fett Does Not Appear in This Video Blog Update

Boba was a little worried that Han might have gotten the wrong impression about what he thinks of him, so he invited the Corellian smuggler to sit in the blog chair for a spell to show there are no hard feelings...

Episode 13: Boba Fett and the Rites of Spring

Spring is in the air...and Boba Fett is here to help you celebrate it with an instructional video teaching you how to compose your very own Mandalorian Haiku!

Episode 14: Boba Fett's Special Offer!

Boba's back, and he's here to save you money! Credits running low while bounties running free?

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