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Boba Fans

About the Boba Fett Fan Film

Film by George Summers. Filmed in 2017.

(Some NSFW language.)

A Lego Star Wars parody short that took yours truly 800 hours to produce over 26 months, but here it is friends:

Boba Fett is pushed to his limits when he is harassed by his obnoxious fan base and demonstrates the consequences of being pushed over the edge - all in LEGO.

The hype train has been quite remarkable between those who saw the trailers, so a special thanks to everyone anticipating the release and an extra special thanks to Thomas Josling, Tracey-Anne Coutts, Seb Summers, Ben Edward J Ward and Miska Tarnai for offering their majestic vocal talents to my first ever short to use dialogue at all.


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Added to BFFC on August 22nd, 2017