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Who You Know

 seannkoury rated this story and wrote this review on January 26, 2019:

In "Who You Know", Boba Fett is hired by High Priest Jonk Dank of the Order of Nook Nadar. Travelling to the planet Lorahns, Fett discovers that Dank wants him to track down and capture the heretic, Nivek'Yppiks. The bounty is 500,000 credits so Fett agrees. Let the hunt begin.

If the outline to this story sounds familiar to you, it should. The character Nivek'Yppiks and the planet Lorahns were mentioned in Fett's story in TALES FROM JABBA'S PALACE. Jesse Perry obviously thought it would be interesting to elaborate and tell the full story.

Perry gives a good attempt, but ultimately, "Who You Know" left me unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong, the story has it's good points. For the most part, Fett is in perfect character. And the supporting players are all well written. The Ithorian, Momaw Nadon even makes an appearance.

Hey, you're wondering. This story sounds good. What more could you want?

Well, in the end, the story is just put together badly. There are a lot of grammatical errors, and what I refer to as 'Shifting names'. When you read the story, you'll understand what I mean by that. One minute, Nivek'Yppiks is 'Nivik', then 'Nevik', before shifting back (for awhile) to Nivek. Momaw Nadon shifts to 'Nodan' and 'Nodon'. It makes you wonder if Perry knows what the term 'proof-reading' means.

But the major problem with the story is that it's all to simple. Nivek is captured by Sklar the bounty hunter, and doesn't put up any kind of resistance. Fett than confronts Sklar, who simply hands Nivek over and goes his merry way. Nivek goes quietly again, like a lamb to the slaughter. I found this all highly unlikely. It seems to me as if Perry simply got bored and wrote down the first thing to come to mind, instead of taking his time. It's a shame, because the story started off so well.

In the end, I would urge Jesse to try again, but take your time. The ability is there, and I would enjoy reading another Boba Fett story by this author.

As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed..."