Fan Fiction Review

Ultimate Demise

Avatar timho rated this and wrote this review on January 26, 2019:

The rebel planet of Xayfus is under attack by Imperial Star Destroyer Victor’s Wrath, and a small rebel detachment has been sent to assist them. The rebels are due to be completely annihilated. Fett finds himself caught in between the battle – will his presence change the outcome? Read, and find out!

McMahon has put action at every turn, making this story a real page-turner. With good detail and a fast-moving plot, this story is one you should seriously consider taking a look at.

Though this piece of writing is still fairly good, it isn’t exactly McMahon’s best. It seems that old errors are coming back to life in this fan fiction – errors that I have mentioned before. Therefore, I will repeat myself (sigh) and so this paragraph is really only for the writer, but you are welcome to poke your head in if you wish. There are all sorts of errors in Ultimate Demise, including spelling, punctuation, sentence, and grammatical errors. By getting someone to proofread your story, you can easily exterminate these mistakes. Also, in the story, Fett already has his bounty. I would have liked to see more of Fett’s bounty hunting and less of the space battle between the Rebels and Imperials.

This fan fiction is not up to McMahon’s usual standards, but it makes a fairly good read. Here is a brief excerpt from Ultimate Demise:

Boba Fett took a different path to his rival. The Slave I went over the top of the star destroyer and circled the massive ship’s circumference and headed straight for the Articulate Raid.

Fett saw the surprised look on the pilot’s face as the ships charged towards each other. Boba Fett sent a ripple of ion blasts at the other ship as their individual paths linked into one. It was a test of wills and Fett had no intention of turning…

If McMahon considers everything I say, her writing would be much better. This fan fiction is an average job, one that has earned its right to be read. So what are you waiting for? Read it!