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Kast Aside

Avatar timho rated this and wrote this review on January 26, 2019:

McMahon is up to her usual level of excellence, in a great short story that any Kast fan will love. Starting from a catchy title to give the reader a little chuckle, she dives deep into the mysterious story of Jodo Kast.

Jodo Kast’s application for the elite Imperial Stormtroopers has been rejected, to his outrage – a quick grudge is made between Kast and the Empire, which leads to him finding out about the Mandalorian Warriors, and most importantly, Boba Fett. This leads to his plotting for his revenge against the Empire… The reader is plunged into an action flooded, information rich story in which they read about the mysterious Jodo Kast, from his creation, to his end.

Mel does an excellent job with the portrayal of Jodo Kast, which is difficult, since there is not much information concerning Kast’s personality. McMahon has successfully created a personality for Kast that is certainly an adequate match for his character.

I find the storyline suffers a little dip in action near the conclusion of the story, and that the ending could have used a bit more spice. After all, the ending, is one of the most important sections of a short story. First impressions are important, last impressions are more important.

Nevertheless, this is an excellent short story, go read it now!