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Imperial Bounty

Avatar seannkoury rated this and wrote this review on January 26, 2019:

"Imperial Bounty" is a Boba Fett 'in love' story. Everyone's favourite bounty hunter leaves his lover, Raian (Palpatine's daughter!) behind on Coruscant. Shortly after, he is contacted by Darth Vader. Raian has been hurt. A drunken speeder pilot has run her down, and the Emperor is mad. Fett is hired to track down the speeder pilot.

LA Freed definitely has writing ability, I'll give him or her that much. Freed describes things well, and can really make you care about the people in the story. But as a STAR WARS adventure, "Imperial Bounty" is way off the known hyperspace routes.

This story is just plain unbelievable. Firstly, I had major problems seeing Fett as someone's lover. Wasn't it established in one of the TALES books that he was celibate? And here he is, having done the deed, AND with the Emperor's daughter!?! I thought Fett was smarter than that.

Speaking of the Emperor's daughter, where on Earth did she come from? While an interesting character, I find Raian's very existence to be utterly unbelievable. Sure, Palpatine probably has a lot of kids spread around the Universe, but Raian is known to the general populace. Why wasn't she mentioned in the movies or novels? Because, generally, she's just a bad idea.

I won't even mention the fact that the Emperor and Darth Vader both seem to CARE about Raian, once she's been injured (Oops! Guess I just did.) Or the fact that the 'Don't Drink and Drive!' message is just a wee bit too obvious for my liking. It's a good message, but I see enough of those ads on television.

To sum up, "Imperial Bounty" is a good read, just NOT as a STAR WARS story, and definitely NOT as a Boba Fett story. So check it out, or don't. As always, the decision is yours.

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