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Against A Myth

Avatar timho rated this and wrote this review on January 25, 2019:

Boba Fett has been hired again, this time not to capture any normal bounty. He has been hired to capture a myth, a legend. The Madagan Razorbeak, a mere child's story, was sighted, and Regional Praetor Novex wants this as the ultimate gift for the Emperor.

Boba Fett, a bit hesitant for this particular bounty, eventually accepts, and this story immediately plunges into the placid atmosphere of a jungle, where a legend, will go face to face with a legend...

Very strong atmospheric description and moderate storyline buildup by A.C. Jayne, and the author also incorporates some information from another fan fiction (Cyan's Song) into this story. Very interesting, I've never seen that done before. However, this move definately deserves some creativity and respect points. She puts a fairly accurate personality with Fett, but it probably could still use a few touch ups.

A.C. Jayne definately could have worked a bit on maybe cutting down on some of the descriptions, or at least compressing them. Description is definately a critical part of every Fan Fiction, but too much is a turn off for most readers.

On the whole, a fairly well done story that deserves a look, with a very ironic ending. Here's what you can expect from A.C. Jayne's "Against a Myth":

he reeds at the far end of the small clearing slowly parted and the razorbeak silently moved from myth to reality. It walked on all fours but the angle of the back and the difference in length between the hind limbs and the fore limbs told the hunter that the beast could probably walk on its hind legs with ease when it wanted to. The hind paws were large and clawed but the fore limbs ended in large curved talons which were obviously part of the creature's skeletal structure as it rested a large portion of its weight on them. Fett figured they could probably cut a man in half if swung with enough force and he had no doubt the beast could accomplish this.

Fett still could not get a definite visual lock on the creature as it continued to shimmer so he fired a small spread of the darts at it that all should have connected. Only one apparently found its mark, however, as the razorbeak shuddered and momentarily came back into focus. A loud roar came out of the beast's maw in reaction and it suddenly leapt straight up at its attacker winding up one of its taloned forelimbs for the killing blow.

Good stuff, A.C. - Keep it up.