This is a showcase of featured Boba Fett fan art. For all fan art, please explore the entire album in our image galleries.Back to all featured fan art

Popular Artists

Dave Dorman

Painter of several Boba Fett lithographs and comic book covers.

Joe Corroney

Well-known artist, often featured in the Star Wars Insider magazine.

Featured Artists

James Cukr

Paintings, also featured in the Insider, capture the mood.

Javier Fernandez

Often featured in the Star Wars Insider magazine.


Dorman-inspired digital paintings using pencils, Photoshop and Intuos

Andrew Ravenwood

Fan-made CG renderings explore another universe of Fett.

Marco Nero

Surfin' Fett? Yeah.

Special Collections

3D Boba Fett Models

Digital downloads of a three-dimensional Fett's full figure, helmets, and ships.

Custom Action Figures

Fans have re-constructed or newly engineered their own Fett-related action figures.

Calum Jones

Toy photographer with great notoriety on Instagram.

BFFC Exclusives

"Dengar's Tale"

Comic by Matt Doughty and Jesse Moore shared exclusively with BFFC.

"One of Those Days"

Comic by cujo and Corran_Fett shared exclusively with BFFC.

"Last Man Standing"

Newspaper-style comic strip by Mitch Brown made for BFFC.

"Lore of the Jedi"

Pencil sketch comic from Steve Adams in England made for BFFC.

Note: All artworks are copyright their respective owner.