About our Fathead Boba Fett Line Art Minis, Life-Size Decal, and Mural Giveaway

Contest Duration

This contest began July 16, 2021 and ended July 23, 2021.

End time is 11:59pm Pacific unless otherwise noted below.


The Facebook prize is the life-size Boba Fett removable wall decal + 4 decals (worth $99.99), the Instagram prize is the Boba Fett mural removable wall decal (worth $69.99), and the Twitter prize is the Boba Fett line art minis removable decals (worth $24.99).




Trina H. (Facebook)
valeriaivenzor (Instagram)
"Gigas" (Twitter)


  • To enter to win, you have to follow Fathead and the Boba Fett Fan Club on at least one of the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. The exact account links are below under "How To Enter."
  • You also need to tag a friend (or yourself) in the comments on the corresponding BFFC social network post. The exact post links are below under "How To Enter."
  • Adding multiple comments does not help (nor hurt) your odds of winning: it'll count as one entry.
  • You can enter any or all contests, but you cannot win more than one prize. One winner for each.
  • You need a public (not private) Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account to participate. They're free to create and use.
  • United States residents only.
  • The odds of winning are based on the number of entries per platform, e.g. 500 comments means 1 in 500 odds.
  • We'll pull the entries on July 23 at 11:59pm Pacific, ensure those entries have followed the rules above, and then randomly pick a winner from that set on July 24 to DM (direct message) for a valid U.S. mailing address. If no reply in 48 hours, we'll repeat until we have a winner.
  • Fathead will ship the mint-condition prize free of charge to the recipient.
This contest has concluded, but here was the prompt:

How to Enter to Win

To enter any or all of the three giveaways...
  1. On Facebook, follow @fathead and @bobafettfanclub and tag a friend on this post
  2. On Instagram, follow @fathead and @bobafettfanclub and tag a friend on this post
  3. On Twitter, follow @fathead and @bobafettfanclub and tag a friend on this post
Note: while the contest has concluded, you can still play along for fun!

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