Interviews with Jeremy Bulloch

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Interview with Jeremy BullochBrigade Radio One / Combat Radio2019
Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: Exclusive Interview with Jeremy BullochBoba Fett Fan Club2015
Interview: Jeremy Bullochstarwarscali.co2013
Boba Fett! Boba Fett! Where?Bombad Radio2013
Russell Howard's Mystery Guest: Jeremy BullochRussell Howard2012
Celebration V: Exclusive Interview with Jeremy BullochBoba Fett Fan Club2010
Boba Fett On The Empire Strikes Back, That Crazy Suit, and the Star Wars LegacyVanity Fair2010
Jeremy Bulloch Interviewstarwarsinterviews1.blogspot.com2010
Video Interview with Jeremy Bulloch and Maria De Aragon (Greedo)
Jeremy Bulloch interviewed after getting Boba Fett armor - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4YouTube / RebelScum.net2008
Intervista a Jeremy BullochYouTube / StarWarsItaly.com2008
An Interview with Jeremy Bullochuniversalexports.net2007
Jeremy Bulloch InterviewClose-up Film2006
Boba Fett Reporting on Sports
On May 25, 2005, Jeremy Bulloch appears on the morning news — in costume! Young Boba Fett, played by Daniel Logan, also makes a cameo. Bulloch wears a Fett costume provided by Jose Salcedo of The 501st Legion, which uses armor components made in part by Fettpride.
WGN Channel 9 News (Chicago)2005
Star Wars: Boba Fett
Q&A format with questions from fans
Washington Post2005
Boba Fett in Kansas City: An Interview with Jeremy Bullochefilmcritic.com2005
"Straight Shooting" with Jeremy Bullochsandtroopers.com2004
Interview with Jeremy Bulloch (original no longer online; copy)BBC2004
Chat with Jeremy Bulloch (original no longer online; copy) (no longer online)2002
The man in the iron mask (original no longer online; copy)HostingTech2001
Jeremy Bulloch Interview (original no longer online; copy)swnyc.com2001
An Interview with Jeremy Bulloch (original no longer online; copy)revolutionsf.com2001
Jeremy Bulloch InterviewedNew Zealand Dr. Who Fan Club2000
Boba Fetish!
BFFC gets a shout-out in this one (under the mention of "Aaron Proctor from THE BOUNTY HUNTERS")
Star Wars: The original cast looks backCNN1999
Boba Unfettered (original no longer online; copy)The 11th Hour1999
Confessions of a Bounty Hunter (original no longer online; copy)starstore.com1998

Offline Interviews

Boba Fett: From Obscure Villain to Cultural IconStar Wars Insider #301996
Head Hunter: An Interview with Jeremy BullochStar Wars Insider #301996
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