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Royal Selangor Boba Fett Bust (24K Gilt Variant)

Royal Selangor Boba Fett Bust (24K Gilt Variant)
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Limited edition of 200.

Retails for $750.

Revealed days before May 4, when it went up for pre-order on their website plus Sideshow Collectibles.

Size: H21cm including base x 16cm x 9.5cm
A limited edition of 200 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Bearing the brunt of onslaughts is a suit of armour’s raison d’être. Boba Fett’s is no exception; its robust construction and collection of scrapes and dings proves its fitness for purpose. However, despite its no-nonsense simplicity, details suggest a nod to design. Angular body plates contour into each other jigsaw-fashion, the helmet’s austere elegance echoes the bounty hunter’s taciturn ruthlessness, and even Wookiee scalps receive considered treatment, the grisly trophies plaited like ceremonial braiding across the shoulder.

The limited edition bust, in luxurious 24K gilt pewter on a composite resin pedestal, captures the trademark features of Fett’s armour, from targeting rangefinder and jet pack clips, to Mythosaur skull emblem, clan sigil and signature dents.


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