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Medicom Toy TOMY Boba Fett (Return of The Jedi)

2004  |  TOMY

Medicom Toy TOMY Boba Fett (Return Of The Jedi)
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Medicom Toy TOMY Boba Fett (Return Of The Jedi)
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About This Item


Approximately 8.5" tall.

Originally a Star Wars Celebration V exclusive, Sideshow also sold it separately on behalf of Medicom.

From a retailer:

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring Medicom Toy Corporation's line of high-quality Vinyl Collectible Doll (VCD) Star Wars figures to Star Wars Celebration V Non-Attendees! Medicom has designed the VCD line with the serious Star Wars collector in mind, realizing each character accurately and faithfully. This Boba Fett VCD figures is a Star Wars Celebration V Exclusive, previously only available to Celebration V Attendees - don't miss this opportunity to add the Mandalorian bounty hunter to your collection!


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