ABYstyle 3D Boba Fett Mug

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ABYstyle 3D Boba Fett Mug
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ABYstyle 3D Boba Fett Mug
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ABYstyle 3D Boba Fett Mug
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ABYstyle 3D Boba Fett Mug
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Retails for $23.99.

300ml cup.

* One of the galaxies most infamous bounty hunters, Boba's helmet is battle worn but coffee break ready!
* Not quite ready to put your feet up? The top of Boba Fett's helmet doubles as a handy lid, to help keep your brew piping hot until you can relax
* Holds 300ml of liquid and made from ceramic materials
* Not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher... not that we've ever tried putting a Mandalorian in the microwave or dishwasher.

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Jun 05, 2020

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