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Boba Fett Room Alarm with Laser Target Game

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Tiger Electronics

Features a 4-foot heat detection range and 3 authentic Boba Fett phrases/sounds to alert you to intruders: "He's no good to me dead", "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold", or a laser blast sound effect. Use the blaster with built-in sound effects to fire an infrared beam up to 10 feet. When the target is hit, Boba Fett blasts back at you.

This toy has the original voice of Boba Fett, done by Jason Wingreen.

From the packaging:

Boba Fett, the most mysterious and feared bounty hunter in the known systems, has captured many of the "most wanted" criminals in the galaxy. Working for several crime lords, Boba Fett was a favorite bounty hunter of Jabba the Hutt. His most coveted trophy was Han Solo,
the Corellian spice smuggler. In alliance with Darth Vader, Boba Fett delivered a carbon-frozen Han Solo to Jabba and collected a generous bounty for his work.

Any intruder within a 4 foot range sets off a realistic Boba Fett phrase,
"He's no good to me dead," "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold,"
or a laser blaster sound.

When the electronic laser target is hit, Boba Fett blasts back at you!

Keep Boba Fett away by using the blaster with built-in sound effects and a 10 foot firing range.

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