"I answer to a higher law." — Boba Fett, Mandalorian Armor

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1980Boba Fett Button (1980)
Jewelry, Pins, and Accessories
Boba Fett ButtonBoba Fett Button
1189 1,189 hits
1980Boba Fett Button, Green (1980)
Jewelry, Pins, and Accessories
Boba Fett Button, GreenBoba Fett Button, Green
1443 1,443 hits
1980Boba Fett Cardboard Standee (1980)
Boba Fett Cardboard Stand-upBoba Fett Cardboard Stand-up
Credit Factors Inc. 1980Image(s) 3 PhotosDescription Different pose than the 1994 (and beyond) releases. Almost...
881 881 hits
1980Vintage Boba Fett Poster (1980)
Boba Fett PosterBoba Fett Poster
Credit Factors Inc. 1980Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription "The heartless alien mercenary blasts away in this...
2624 2,624 hits