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1985No Image YetNovels and Other Fiction
The Empire Strikes Back Novelization"The Empire Strikes Back" Novelization
Credit Donald F. Glut 1985Description Published June 12, 1985.
43 43 hits
1985Marvel Star Wars #100: "First Strike"
Marvel Star Wars #100: First StrikeMarvel Star Wars #100: "First Strike"
Credit Marvel 1985Image(s) 2 PhotosMerchant(s) 2 MerchantsDescription Leia talks with Fenn Shysa (often mistaken as Boba...
3563 3,563 hits
1985Marvel Star Wars #101: "Far, Far Away"
Marvel Star Wars #101: Far, Far AwayMarvel Star Wars #101: "Far, Far Away"
Credit Marvel 1985Image(s) 2 PhotosMerchant(s) 2 MerchantsDescription Fenn Shysa mentions Boba Fett. Written by Jo Duffy. Illustrated...
3650 3,650 hits
1985Kenner Droids Boba Fett Figure (1984)
Droids (1984-1985) (Kenner)
Droids #11 Boba Fett with Gold CoinDroids #11 Boba Fett with Gold Coin
Credit Kenner 1985Image(s) 3 PhotosMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription This figure was from the same production of Kenner's...
4.0 / 5 with 1 vote cast
4545 4,545 hits
1985Marvel Star Wars #99: "Touch of the Goddess"
Marvel Star Wars #99: Touch of the GoddessMarvel Star Wars #99: "Touch of the Goddess"
Credit Marvel 1985Image(s) 2 PhotosMerchant(s) 2 MerchantsDescription Fenn Shysa joins forces with the Rebels when the Nagai...
3682 3,682 hits
1985Boba Fett with crossed arms
Movies and Television
Droids A Race To The FinishDroids A Race To The Finish
Credit Nelvana Studios 1985Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription September 28, 1985 was the television debut for this...
757 757 hits
1985Boba Fett POTF Silver Coin
Power of the Force (1985)
Power of the Force Boba Fett Silver CoinPower of the Force Boba Fett Silver Coin
Credit Kenner 1985Image(s) 2 PhotosDescription Made of aluminum. One of 62 available, this through...
3624 3,624 hits
1985Return of the Jedi Weekly #83 (UK) (1985)
Return of the Jedi Weekly #83Return of the Jedi Weekly #83
Credit Marvel 1985Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription Magazine format. Released in the UK. Dated January...
878 878 hits