Return of the Jedi Radio Drama (1996)
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Boba Fett is voiced by Ed Begley Jr.

Variant scenes with Boba Fett talking to Han Solo in Jabba's Palace, and plenty of name checks by Rebels at the Sarlacc Pit.

Episode 1: Tatooine Haunts

"There's Boba Fett!" — C-3PO
"Jabba, Boba Fett, the whole sick crew, Han." — Princess Leia as Boushh, unmasked

Episode 2: Fast Friends

"Who's there? Boba Fett? What are you doing down here? Scrubbing floors down here? Come here, bounty hunter." — Han Solo
"I've beaten you Solo." — Boba Fett
"Tomorrow I'll collect another bounty and you'll be dead." — Boba Fett
"Watch your mouth, Solo. I risked my tail to get you here." — Boba Fett
"I'm going to enjoy watching you die." — Boba Fett


"Look out for Boba Fett. He senses something's up." — Luke Skywalker
"Luke, Boba Fett's firing up that rocket pack!" — Rebel
"Chewie says watch for Boba Fett." — Rebel
"Drop the lightsaber, farm boy, or I'll..." — Boba Fett
"Don't call me farm boy, bounty hunter."
"Try my capture cable on for size, Skywalker." — Boba Fett
"Even a lightsaber can't cut that alloy." — Boba Fett
"Won't be a prisoner, will be a corpse." — Boba Fett
"The canon blast knocked out Boba Fett." — Rebel
"Boba Fett? Where? Back on his feet? Which way, Chewie?" — Han Solo
"Where's Boba Fett? Jetpack went haywire? Now he's down the Sarlacc's throat?" — Han Solo


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  • "Watch your mouth, Solo. I risked my tail to get you here." — Boba Fett
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  • "Tomorrow I'll collect another bounty and you'll be dead." — Boba Fett
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  • "I've beaten you Solo." — Boba Fett
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