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Young Jedi Knights Shards of Alderaan (Book 7)

Young Jedi Knights: Shards of Alderaan (Book 7) (1997)
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Boba Fett * is hired by Nolaa Tarkona to capture Bornan Thul, who has gone into hiding. Fett encounters the Young Jedi Knights in the ruins of Alderaan.

Jacen Solo and Jaina Solo are in the book, too.

Written by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta.

* After this book was published, in 2005, an often-cited Star Wars Insider article suggests a retcon. That article author says, while it looks like Boba Fett on the cover, it's actually Boba Fett's daughter Ailyn Vel who was attempting to look like her father Boba Fett.

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23 ABY


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