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Star Wars: The Official Starships and Vehicles Collection Magazine #19

Star Wars: The Official Starships #19
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Star Wars: The Official Starships and Vehicles Collection...
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Features Jango and Boba Fett's Slave I.

According to Previews Magazine, in shops July 28, 2010.

The Star Wars: The Official Starships and Vehicles Collection Magazine brings fans superbly detailed, painted metal models of the most amazing starships and land vehicles from George Lucas' mythic Star Wars films. Each comes with a copiously illustrated magazine that relates the history of the vehicle, its pilots or crew, and full technical specifications. Readers will also uncover information on the other fascinating craft from the Expanded Universe of the novels and comics, plus the inside story on the making of the films. Choose from the Slave-I (#19), General Grievous' Starfigher (#20), the Turbo Tank (#45), and the Droid Trifighter (#46). This month, fans can also fill in gaps in their collection with the Starfighter 2-Pack (#3), the AT-AT (#4), the Tantive IV (#29), and the AT-RT Walker (#30).

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