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Star Wars: Boba Fett Magazine

1998  |  Topps

Boba Fett Magazine (one-shot)
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Official, one-shot magazine, all about Boba Fett.

Published April 1998.

Cover features photo from the Smithsonian Museum's exhibit on Star Wars, "From Magic to Myth."

While overall a very cool effort, the magazine printed that an actor named Gabriel Dell did the voice of Boba Fett. This is incorrect. We document the follow-up on Fettpedia, linked below.

Table of Contents

* Editorial: Boba Fett Lives! Meet the Man Behind the Mask. (Chip Lovitt)
* Just Who Is Boba Fett? - Everything you need to know about the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy (Andy Mangels)
* Meet Jeremy Bulloch: The Man Behind the Mask (David West Reynold)
* The Bounty Hunter's Comic Book Career (Daniel Wallace)
* Fans' Fett-ish - Boba Fett has legions of loyal devotees (Joshua Izzo)
* The Boba Fett Art Gallery (Art: John Van Fleet, Mark Harrison, Dave Dorman, Ken Steacy, Joe Smith, Brian Stelfreeze, Cam Kennedy, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, Christopher Moeller)
* Larger Than Life: Sinister Boba Fett Is the Latest Display Figure from Don Post Studios (Gary Gerani)
* Collectibles & Toys: Beware! A Boba Fett-ish Grips Toyland (Steve Sansweet)
* Boba Fett Price List: A Collector's Bounty (Josh Ling)
* The Special Return of Boba Fett (Mark Cotta Vaz)
* Boba's the Name, Bounty Hunting's His Game: Fett finds a home in computer and video games (Tom Byron)
* Boba Fett Trivia Test
* Double-sided Poster: Slave I - Technical Commentary (David West Reynolds; Art: Richard Chasemore), Boba Fett's Armor - An Essential Guide to a Walking Weapon (Bill Smith)

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