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Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards for Dinner Parties, Movie Marathons, and More

Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards for Dinner Parties,...
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Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards for Dinner Parties,...
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Written by Kelly Knox.

At least one card has a Fett reference.

Create lasting Star Wars memories with loved ones with this officially licensed card deck featuring 125 heartfelt, hilarious, and thought-provoking questions.

If you could have just one Force ability in real life, which one would you pick? Would you rather face ten porg-size space slugs or one space slug-size porg? If Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber had been lost on Mustafar, how would Luke and Rey’s journeys have changed? With questions like these and over a hundred more, you, your friends, and your family can bond over your favorite characters, quotes, and planets from Star Wars.

Fans will connect over their passion for Star Wars with this one-of-a-kind deck featuring 125 conversation starters designed to provoke thoughtful and interesting discussions. Each card offers the reader a unique prompt based on the major characters, moments, quotes, and themes of the Star Wars galaxy. The deck also comes with a 144-page booklet featuring trivia and lore to help stoke engaging discussions, and it is packaged in a decorative box perfect for gift giving or displaying on your coffee table or shelf.

125 CARDS: Each card poses a fun and intriguing question designed to fuel conversation about all corners of the Star Wars galaxy, from films to television shows, to comics, novels, video games, and beyond.

FACT-FILLED BOOKLET: The included booklet contains Star Wars lore that can be paired with the conversation cards to stoke deeper conversations between fans.

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED KEEPSAKE BOX: Designed to be displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf, Star Wars: Conversation Cards comes packaged in a sturdy gift box perfect for gift giving.

HOURS OF FUN CONVERSATION: Reflect on these questions as a fun solo experience, or hang out with fellow Star Wars fans and inspire spirited discussions.

COMPLETE YOUR STAR WARS COLLECTION: Star Wars: Conversation Cards joins Insight Editions’ line of Star Wars titles, including Star Wars Affirmation Cards, Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy, Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection, Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook, and more!


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