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A Guide to the Star Wars Universe

1994  |  LucasBooks

A Guide to the Star Wars Universe (1994)
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Written by Bill Slavicsek. Updated again in 2000 under the same title/author.

From the publisher (2000 version):

How did Exar Kun nearly destroy Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy? When did Han Solo first meet Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian? Where was Mara Jade when the Emperor died? What are the secrets of the terrible super weapons—the Death Stars, the Sun Crusher, and the World Devastators? What are the Qom Qae? How powerful is the Black Sun criminal organization?

Looking for facts about the characters, starships, weaponry, droids, alien species, and historic battles in the most amazing adventure of them all? From airspeeders to N-1 starfighters, Coruscant to Tatooine, Nom Anor to Leia Organa—you'll find the whole universe of Star Wars covered here:

* The original Star Wars trilogy movies
* The novels—from Star Wars to Vector Prime
* The animated TV series Droids and Ewoks
* National Public Radio dramatizations
* Young Adult novels
* The Star Wars comic-books
* Role-playing books
* Video games and CD-ROMs
* ... plus sourcebooks, storybooks, sketchbooks, portfolios, and more!

Featuring new material on Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace . . . the latest Star Wars series: The New Jedi Order . . . and the entire thrilling saga!

NEW Quotes

  • "Boba Fett is an infamous bounty hunter whose exploits are known throughout the galaxy. He wears Mandalorian battle armor -- the same used by a group of evil warriors who were defeated by the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars -- but his connection to the Mandalore warriors remains a mystery."

  • "Boba Fett ... an unscrupulous bounty hunter from the Mandalore system, his feats are renowned throughout the Empire. Fett was commissioned by Darth Vader to stalk the Millennium Falcon and her crew after the Empire's clash with the Rebels on the planet Hoth. Boba Fett's work dress was a weapon-covered, armored spacesuit of the kind favored by a group of evil warriors defeated by the Jedi Knights during the Clone Wars. His spacesuit's accoutrements included wrist lasers, flying backpack, rocket darts, grappling lanyard, and a miniature flame projector. Boba Fett 'retired' near the Great Pit of Carkoon."

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