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ThinkGeek Boba Fett Polo

2018  |  ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek Boba Fett Polo
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Retailed for $30.

From the manufacturer:

That Mandalorian armor of Boba's is certainly handy for bounty hunting, but does it really make sense to wear it absolutely everywhere? Meeting with Darth Vader? Wear the armor. Jabba's having a party on his ship? Wear the armor. We even found a picture from the Extended Universe of Boba posing with his wife and baby for a family photo... and he's in full armor there, too. Boba, we get it: the armor is nice and has a handy place for your jetpack, but don't you think there are times that it's a little much? Like on Casual Friday?

Dress it down a little, while still upholding the Mandalorian code of honor, with this Boba Fett polo. Featuring the Mandalorian crest embroidered on the left chest and the Mythosaur skull symbol embroidered on the right sleeve. Near the collar, the neck tape (the fabric on the inside, touching your neck) and the placket (the fabric inside the button area) are in contrasting red fabric. There are a few more final surprises, too: metal Star Wars buttons, and a fabric Star Wars logo in the side vents.

Product Specifications

* Boba Fett Polo
* Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
* A ThinkGeek exclusive
* Olive green polo shirt with embroidered Boba Fett details
* Mandalorian crest embroidered on the left chest
* Mythosaur skull symbol embroidered on the right sleeve
* Red contrasting neck tape and placket fabric (inside the neck and button area)
* 3 metal Star Wars buttons
* Banded sleeves
* Extended tail (slightly longer back) keeps the shirt from coming untucked
* Star Wars logo fabric in the side vents
* Materials: 100% cotton
* Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. No disintegrations.
* Imported


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