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Boba Fett "Hidden Logo" Snapback Hat


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From the retailer:

One of our favorite things about Boba Fett is his subtlety. He's a man of few words. And, although a cape might not generally be an understated fashion choice, in comparison to Lando's or Vader's, his is.

This baseball cap is Boba Fett in a nutshell. It's clearly Boba Fett to anyone who's a fan. It's got the pattern of his armor right there in the logo threads. But it doesn't shout for your attention. It stands in the back of the room, silently assessing the situation. We approve.

* Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
* Baseball cap with 6 panels
* Features dimensional embroidery of the Star Wars logo in Boba Fett's colors
* Black body with military green brim and button
* Coordinating black grommets
* Adjustable, snap-back closure
* One size fits many humans
* Imported

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