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Time-Lapse Sketch of Boba Fett by Joe Johnston

Published September 21, 2013 by BFFC Aaron in Multimedia

joejohnstonsketchbook bobafett Time Lapse Sketch of Boba Fett by Joe Johnston

Joe Johnston, the designer of Boba Fett who also happens to direct blockbuster films like Captain America: The First Avenger, posted today a video on his new YouTube channel doing a time-lapse live sketch of Boba. Check it out!

0 Time Lapse Sketch of Boba Fett by Joe Johnston

It’s part of a larger effort that’s not yet launched called

For some of Johnston’s concept work alongside Ralph McQuarrie, check out this front- and back-facing sketch. In recent years, there’s also a portfolio of sketches for sale called the Boba Fett Artist Portfolio. Take a look at a sample of what that contains.

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