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He's no good to us dead (in the new canon)

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Once a day every day, we've been posting a photo-of-the-day to our Instagram. This soon led to doing the same on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. You can find each post here in one place, too, with clickable links.

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Today's Daily


#1048: January 21, 2017

This Amazon exclusive "Empire" Slave I from 2013 originally retailed for $70 and dipped as low as $35 that holiday season. It's now common to find for 3x or more retail price in mint condition.

The ship was a re-paint of an earlier "The Clone Wars" Slave I from 2010 and the Han Solo in Carbonite was a re-paint of the "The Saga Collection" version from 2006. A #BobaFett figure was not included in the box. "The Vintage Collection" intentionally had packaging to resemble the original look from 1980 with some slight changes.


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Yesterday's Daily


#1047: January 20, 2017

#FettFriday: "The Hunter" by Fable Photography (aka Jeff Morris)

See the whole photo album on the photographer's Tumblr:

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Day Before Yesterday's Daily


#1046: January 19, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday: #StarWars Finest Matrix #M4 #BobaFett by John Van Fleet (1996)

More trading cards featuring Fett:

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