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About BFFC /
About BFFC /


Here are the individuals who have contributed to starting, maintaining, and growing the Boba Fett Fan Club since 1996. We also include how you can join the team.

Current Roster

  • Founder, Curator
    aka BFFC Admin
  • Contributing Editor
    aka Lucas McCoy
  • Collectible Experts
    Scott Casanova, Sharpy, Honeybadger, FLYGUY,, Phu77, and The Boba Bounty
  • News and Opinion Experts/Consultants
    Matt Booker (JediNews), Nigel Cox, Quinn Crain
  • Cosplay Experts/Consultants
    JC Fett, Alex Alva

Want to Help?

We're currently looking for help in the following fields:

  • Trivia
    Do you love trivia? We're looking for weekly trivia Q&A for use on our #TriviaTuesdays posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and Tumblr), as well as further documentation on Fettpedia.
  • Costume Guide
    Are you a cosplayer? We're looking for more pro tips -- written and/or outreached to other cosplayers -- to expand upon our easy-to-use costume guide.

Please contact us with how you'd like to help, especially in the areas above.

Special Thanks


  • Jeremy "Boba Fett" Bulloch (1996–Present)
  • Mark "ANH:SE Boba Fett" Austin
  • Daniel "Young Boba Fett" Logan
  • John "Bespin Boba Fett" Morton
  • Joe Carlson (1996–Present)

Past Contributing Editors

  • Eric
  • Phil Kearney

Server Hosts

  • FWD:labs (2009–Present)
  • Bobby Wong (2001–2008)
  • Daniel Sully (1998–2001)
  • Joe Carlson (1996–1998)


  • Jason Dwayne Ivey
  • David Adame
  • Cathy Bowden
  • Scott Boyd
  • Matthew Goddard
  • Johnny Jagwani
  • LadyFett
  • Ender Mangan
  • David Shiffler (Costume Guide)
  • Jonathan Winski


  • Steve Adams
  • Mitch Brown
  • Christopher J. D'Alessio
  • Marvin Gouw (Slave I video game)
  • Jon McGarry
  • Abby Perry


  • Tim Ho
  • Perry Thompson

Thanks to the in San Francisco for inspiring this project in 1996.

Learn more about the history of BFFC.