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"If I take on a job, I complete it." — Boba Fett, Mandalorian Armor

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Fett Couplets in Shakespeare Star Wars Author's #TwitterFiction

Ian Doescher, author of the Shakespeare Star Wars books, took to Twitter today for a series of Star Wars themed... Fools Fett Fans


On April 1st, captured Star Wars and Fett fans nation-wide with its posting of an exclusive interview with George...

Headlines: Skywalker's lightsaber, kids' names and NFL's Vince Young


Boba and Jango Fett are set to help NASA's Discovery crew, scheduled for October 2007. (via Engaget and Slashdot) A...

You Might be a Fett Fan If... does Top 20. Interestingly enough, it mentions The Boba Fett Fan Club a few times. We're honored.

Fett Attends St. Patrick's Day Parade


Yesterday's annual parade in Springfield, Missouri included the Star Wars bounty hunter, notes the Springfield News Leader.

Festive Fest MP3


The Boston Phoenix newspaper reports on a UK artist who bootlegs C-3PO, Homer Simpson, and Cake, along with "Fettdog." Better...

Esquire Q&A: Charles Ross


The May issue of the men's magazine Esquire interviews one serious fan who created The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy, asking...

Humor: What's the Caption?


We know you can come up with something better: "OK, Mr. Lucas, I want you to stand over there for...

Catching Up on Humor


Several articles about Boba Fett take a different approach at why he's one of the most popular characters in Star...

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Saga and Story Film Timeline

  • Star Wars Episode VIII (8): Rian Johnson (writer and director)
  • Star Wars Story Film #2: protagonist is a Young Han Solo, with Christopher Miller and Phil Lord (directors) and Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan (writers) each confirmed by on July 7, 2015
  • Star Wars Episode IX (9): Colin Trevorrow (director)
  • Star Wars Story Film #3: no protagonist and no director (after Josh Trank left the project) and Simon Kinberg (unconfirmed writer)
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    Looking for all our news coverage? See our front page news or our news archive since 1996.

    Looking for all our news coverage? See our news archive since 1996.