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Boba Fett Humor

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Editor's Pick Shane of Irvine said:

Don't look at his screen. Don't look at his screen. C'mon I know this answer!!! What are these wasp things all in my face?!


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Editor's Pick Katie of said:

Boba Fett: *on phone with Dengar* Hey, I've got a joke for ya, what do you get when you give a Sith a job at a resturaunt?
Dengar: I've got no idea.
Boba: Simple, you get Darth Waiter!!
Vader: *overhears the joke and walks over*
Boba: *still talking on phone* So, the other day, I saw Vader staring at a beautiful picture of Padmé. You should've seen the look on Luke's face- *notices Vader* WAUGH! VADER!
Vader: Well? I'm dying to hear the rest of your hilarious story, Mr. Comedian. Do share!

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