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Halloween Guide

Guide to Boba Fett Halloween Costumes and Boba Fett Pumpkin Designs

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Felicia Day ("Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog") with Steampunk Boba Fett

Halloween is coming up!

We’ve covered Halloween aplenty (2012, 2011, 2009 A, 2009 B, 2009 C, 2008), but to make things a little easier for everyone, we’re creating a one-stop permanent link for you all to enjoy.

Boba Fett Costumes

Regardless of the time of year, we believe it is always great to dress up as Boba. Here are three options for you: you want to buy a costume, you want to make a costume, or you already have a costume.

You want to buy a Boba Fett costume:

You want to build a Boba Fett costume:

Check out our instructions to building your own Boba Fett costume and visit our gallery of fan costumes for more inspiration, like this one by Brian Anderson:

cover10 Halloween Guide

You can also check out

You already have a Boba Fett costume:

Share your costume pictures on our message board or on our Facebook!

Boba Fett Pumpkins

boba fett pumpkin 150x150 Halloween Guide

Fett pumpkin by

You want to carving a Boba Fett pumpkin:

EtherGraphics provides an easy-to-follow PDF.

You want to be inspired by others who have carved a Boba Fett pumpkin:

If you’re really up for the challenge, you’ve got to see, and their Boba and Jango Fett pumpkins. Also check out Flickr user Wyscan, revjm5000 and dayna1 for elaborate Boba Fett carvings.

Too elaborate? User T. Oechsner kept it simple.

You already carved a Boba Fett pumpkin:

Share your pumpkin pictures on our message board or on our Facebook!

  • Published October 15, 2013