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Dah'lei's heart was pounding as they turned another corridor, this one was actually clear. They headed for the stairway and were met by blaster fire. Dah'lei and Deilor had their lightsabre up and deflected the bolts as they made their way down the stairs. All clone troopers were dead as they hit the lower floor.

Deilor led the way, "Come on," he called to Dah'lei who matched his pace. They were going to get out, they had to.

Audrey could feel the essence of dawn. She had to go to a dark place and fast.

She looked at John briefly, "We've got to go the sun is coming."

John gave a nod and got into the car, Audrey jumped in beside him. "I'm staying in a motel in town, I've got the windows covered," Audrey said as John drove the vehicle with excessive speed. Audrey gave he directions and they made it just in time.

Audrey had the door locked behind them and was pushing a towel against the gap under the door to stop any further light. She let out a sigh and dropped onto her backside.


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Desdemona watched as all eyes turned to her. "Drakeus can only be summoned from the Book of the Dead and believe me you don't want to do that."

Jack raised an eye brow. "Well can we track him down?"

"He's gone to the underworld for now." She told calmly.

"Shoot," Darklight said as he pounded his fist into his hand, "I wanted to finish off that beast."

Desdemona shook her head, "He's not easily beaten."

"We just kicked his butt," Jack pointed out.

Desdemona shook her head again, "He was merely frustrated. He'll be back."


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Desdemona didn’t bother answering Jack, instead she linked her hands together in front of herself and an orb of yellow power grew. When it was the size of a basketball Desdemona launched it at Drakeus. It bowled the other soul eater off his feet and he came crashing down.

Desdemona turned to look at Jack, “Remember I said you can absorb his power. Let it hit your shield, then throw it back at him.”

Desdemona walked towards Darklight with a purpose. She touched him on the arm with her hand and a protective force field appeared around him. “This will stop him draining you, but it won’t be as protective as Jack’s shield.” She told. That sort of power could only be transferred by intimate contact, but she didn’t mention that to Darklight.

Then Desdemona raised her hands on either side of Darklight and encased him in a dark orb so he could recharge his powers. It only took a moment but by then Drakeus was up again.

Audrey moved closer and extended her hand in greeting, “I’m Audrey Douglas.” She said, glad to have someone she could speak to without wanting to kill.

He took her hand and shook it.

“I don’t want to be a vampire,” she said with pleading in her eyes. “But I’m guessing there’s no cure.”

John shook his head, “None that I’ve heard of.”

Audrey sighed, “Is there a way I can control the… hunger?”

John shrugged, “I don’t feel the need as much as a full vampire.”

Audrey ran a hand threw her hair. “I’m better off dead then.”

Audrey tilted her head, “You’ve not been a vampire long either?” she asked.

He shook his head vigorously, “Nope only a few years.” So it was a bit of a fib.

“Who turned you?” she asked.

“I-I can’t remember,” he replied.

Audrey narrowed her eyes at him, “Why are you so nervous?”

Audrey could feel her body healing as she ran. She was getting further ahead of the humans, even if they were still shooting at her. They only gave chase a minute longer before the gunshots ceased. But Audrey kept running.

The sound of an engine got her attention and she deviated that way. Sure enough she found a vehicle pulled over to the side of the road with its headlights on. A man, no a vampire hybrid was laying a woman down at the side of the road.

Audrey hadn’t come across many of her kind. Part of her wanted to feast on his blood while the other half wanted to talk to him. Did he know of a cure?

She leapt on top of his vehicle. “May I have a moment of your time?” she asked as she spread across the roof of his vehicle on all fours.

“Get off my car and I’ll consider it,” he said gruffly.

Audrey didn’t miss that his hand went for his gun. She really didn’t want to get shot again so she slid herself to the ground. “I know what you are, I wanted to know if there’s an out clause?”

Audrey left her first victim and attacked the one who hit her. A shred of her human thoughts came through, she'd had enough blood, she should leave. Her instinct wanted her to kill the human she'd fed upon but she fought it.

With a scream Audrey ran, she heard the humans charge after her. A shotgun boomed and Audrey screeched as she felt hot fragments hit her back. She stumbled to the ground, then clawed her way back to her feet.


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"There are other ways, but I consider that to be the most pleasant on both our parts." Desdemona told.

Jack nodded, "So what power did you give me exactly?"

"I've given you the power to shield your whole body, you'll have a kind of force field you can raise. You'll also be able to absorb some of the power Drakeus throws at you." Desdemona told.


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((The explosion was random, sorry I didn't really explain it.))

The humans were close, so close. Audrey was salivating and her fangs had grown so long that she had to have them on the outside of her mouth. She could hear the humans singing. Her vision was becoming blurred from the hunger and the desire to feast.

She ran towards the closest human and launched herself at him from behind. Her fingers dug into his solf flesh before she bit into his neck and tasted the glorious blood. Pleasure flowed through her and she felt as though there was no better sensation.

Then she felt someone hit her. She looked up and hissed with a blood coated mouth.


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Desdemona pulled Jack to a hault. "I need to do something," she said.

Jack looked at her, "What exactly?"

Desdemona reached out and held Jack's face in her hands, she stepped forward and kissed him. In doing so a light moved from within her and into Jack. Once it was done she moved away from the kiss. Jack took a moment to open his eyes.

"Wow," he said as he looked at her.

"I've transferred some of my power to you. It will help shield you from Drakeus' attacks." Desdemona informed him.

"Oh, okay." Jack said looking a little bewildered.


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It seemed that Dah'lei and Deilor had managed to outrun Skywalker for now, but at what cost? Dah'lei had felt the deaths of the younglings through the Force.

"We've got to keep going Deilor," said as if knowing what she was thinking.

"Perhaps we should go to the lower levels? I think all the higher ones will be covered." Dah'lei suggested.

Deilor nodded, "Good idea Padawan. We might be able to hide amongst the people in the lower levels."

Dah'lei felt a shiver run through her body, the Force always felt tainted the lower you went on Coruscant.

Name: Audrey Douglas
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: Young Vampire - 21 (vampire for one year)
Appearance: Blonde with long face and gaunt figure. Wears black leather pants and red halter top.
Weapons: Silver bowie knife
Personality: Wants to control her desire to kill but is unable to. Appears a killing beast but inside wants to go back to her old life.

Audrey ran through the forest, she had to get away as fast as she could. She wanted to get away from the smell of blood but it was everywhere. Be it human or animal. Her fangs were long and pricked at the inside of her mouth. She stopped and held herself up against a tree before biting it. She hoped it would help relieve her need to bite something but instead it made it worse.

She spat out the bark and smelt the faint scent of smoke. "Camp fire," she said and immediately moved in that direction despite herself.


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Desdemona looked up. "It's Drakeus."

Lilith raised a delicate eyebrow, "I didn't realise he was out."

"Apparently he is," Desdemona said calmly.

Jack grabbed her hand, "Can he hurt you?"

"Only if I become human," Desdemona told.

Jack immediately turned to Darklight. "Get out of here and find Void." Jack didn't say anymore as he didn't want Harry to know about the Darklight/Void connection just in case he survived.

Lilith turned to look at Jack, "Drakeus only wants you. The others can stay."

"Oh great. Let's get going Dessy." Jack said as he pulled her along behind him.

Lilith's voice echoed behind them, "Your duty is to release Void when he dies."

Desdemona paused, "My duty with Jack is not done yet." She replied.


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Dah'lei ran like there was no tomorrow and chances were that there wouldn't be for her.

Deilor was running beside her, "He shouldn't have stayed he should have run."

"He was trying to protect us," Dah'lei said and then she heard and felt Skywalker's pursuit. "Go!" Dah'lei shouted as she stopped and ignited her lightsaber. She knew she was no match for Skywalker but she'd at least try. Suddenly there was an explosion and a chunk of wall blew out knocking Skywalker off his feet. Dah'lei felt her arm yanked by Deilor and they continued running.


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Desdemona tilted her head and watched Harry fall to the ground. She lifted her head as she felt another soul eater coming. She turned briefly and spotted the other soul eater, it was Lilith. Desdemona looked at Harry, "You're going to die soon." She said simply.

Lilith landed by Desdemona's side. "Long time no see."

Desdemona gave a nod of greeting, "Yes it has. At least two centuries."

Lilith shrugged, "Who's counting."

"Is he going to die now?" Jack asked.

Again Lilith shrugged, "Possibly. If not now it will be soon enough."

Desdemona turned back to Jack, "So where is this safe place that you keep the poison?" She asked not understanding.


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"It is not his time," Desdemonda told as she rose in the air, her blonde hair whipped around her as she drew on her power. Harry was bad news and he was not going to take Jack from her.

Desdemona put her hands together and then ripped them apart, this affected Harry's current form as he was suddenly ripped off Jack with such force that each quarter of him splattered against a wall. "Leave now." Desdemona commanded. Harry could do nothing to her as she was already dead. She however could make him feel a whole new world of hurt.


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"No!" Dah'lei cried as she felt Kanith's presence disappear from the Force.

"We have no time to mourn him," Cin said as he grabbed her arm to keep her moving.

"We've got to get out of here before they kill us all," Dah'lei said as she realised that the Jedi were not winning against the clones. The fact that the temple was filled mainly with Padawans and younglings didn't help. But that's what Dah'lei couldn't understand, why were they killing the children.

At that moment Anakin Skywalker turned down the corridor to which they walked, his dark presence was almost overwhelming to Dah'lei. "Don't fight him, just run!" she told the others.


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Desdemona followed the others but she knew where Void was. As her quarry, she would always know where he was until it was over. But Void had changed his fate for now.

Desdemona studied Harry, his time would come but he was not assigned to her. "Watch that one," Desdemona said quietly to Jack.


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((It was supposed to be released, but hey realised works too))

Desdemona walked over to Jack as he held Void to the ground. Desdemona let her hand dematerialise enough that she could sink it through Void's outer surface and into his mind, "Jack doesn't lie. Let me show you the fate that awaits one such as you."

Desdemona gave Void a flash of his current future when he died. She let him see the way his soul would be sucked away into the depths of hell where he would receive tortures beyond his imagination. She also allowed him to feel a touch of the pain they'd inflict. She removed her hand before he passed out. "Remember that Terry." She said coldly.

"What did you do to him?" Darklight asked as he watched his brother twitch rapidly.

"As I said, I showed him what would happen to his soul if he stayed on his current path." Desdemona said.

"What are you?" Darklight asked.

"I'm a soul eater" Desdemona said.

Darklight immediately went on the defensive. "We met one of your buddies, his name is Drakeus."

"Drakeus is an agent of evil. I serve Death, I merely deliver the souls by being the vessel. Drakeus destroys them because he enjoys it." Desdemona said to clarify. "If Drakeus is loose then you must not let Void die. I can protect you while I'm in this state."

Darklight looked confused, "What happens to you if Void dies?"

"I collect the last soul of my quota and become human, at least until I die again." Desdemona pointed out. "But I'd actually prefer to live as a human for more than a few hours." She looked at Jack and gave him a wink.


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Although Desdemona did as Jack asked it kind of contradicted her reason for being there. If Void lived she would not reach her quota, at least not for a while. As Jack and Darklight squabbled Desdemona looked at Void, who was panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath, and then she looked at her own hand that was not nearly as translucent as it had been.

A crazy thought went through her head. If she killed Void than she could be human and stay with Jack. She quickly shook the thought away. To do such a thing was a breach against her contract with Death and there were worse fates out there than her own.

As Darklight suddenly began to comprehend what was going on, Void launched himself at Desdemona. His hands clutched her throat as he threw her against the concrete floor. Desdemona did not scream and not did she struggle. She felt no pain at Void's violence as her body returned to its ghost like form, she easily evaded his grasp until he realised the shadow within.


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"Whatever Darklight's reasons are, he is trying to atone for his past." Desdemona said as she watched the two titans fight. She had almost forgotten that she was still holding Jack's hand. It was only when he gave her hand a squeeze that she remembered.

"How did you actually die?" Jack said feeling awkward asking the question.

"It was eight years after I sold my soul. My father died and I had no income to live on. I gradually starved. One night there was a huge storm with lots of thunder and lightening. I stood in the rain hoping a lightening bolt would put me out of my misery and one did." Desdemona said, her mind taking her bad to that time. She could see the dark clouds that had been illuminated with each flash of lightening, she felt her heart race at the recollection.

"That's a pretty harsh way to go." Jack said more that just a little rattled at the idea.

"The pain ended then, along with feelings. It was a release and I welcomed it." Desdemona told.

Jack looked at his hand linked with Desdemona's, "Do you want to having feelings again?"

"I've been human since, I've reached my quota twice before. I only lived for two years the first time, that was the dark ages and I was slaughtered by invaders. The second time I lived for forty six years. I lived as a nun, as you can imagine I was rather wary of men. My life was good, but I felt that something was always missing." Desdemona said, trailing off in her own thoughts.

"You didn't really answer my question," Jack said waiting for her answer.

Desdemona looked away from Darklight and Void. She turned and study Jack, "Yes I would like to have feelings again."


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Desdemona didn't understand everything Jack said but she go the gist of it. She took Jack's hand and weaved her fingers through his in an action of comfort. "It's human to fear what you don't know. Believe me it's a truth I've seen over my entire life... and death I guess you'd say."

Desdemona looked briefly at the pair fighting. "Look at those two, they fight each other because they are different. They don't see eye to eye, yet they are brothers and cannot forgive each other."

Jack took this in, "Forgiveness seems to be a hard thing for most people."

"To be able to forgive can sometimes set you free. Darklight has a bad soul, but he has tried to redeem himself. He wants forgiveness, Void does not." Desdemona said and looked at Jack seriously, "Sometimes your closest friend can hide a dark past. No one ever truly knows another. You've just got to have faith sometimes."


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"Why not, it's got to be more interesting than cards." Desdemona said with a touch of jest.