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i had one relative who fought in ww1 as a british naval captain, and another who was a soviet lieutenant who fought the germans when they invaded USSR....it's amazing what you can learn about your ancestors if you do a little digging...


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i'm half russian, a quarter german, and a quarter english.

i've seen that on tv before. and wanted to see it more, glad there's a link to it now!

build a time machine and go a long time ago, then go to a galaxy far far away. but seriously i have no idea!


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lol luke vs. virginty

but seriously, it would have to depend on whether, boba planned it or not. like if he cold ambush them from behind an asteroid or something, and like take out the tie hanger doors, radar system, and the communication array really quick he could just fly in, attack, fly out, repeat. until the ship gets destroyed.


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I think if it was like a comparison beteween boba and jango i'd say boba, but if it was like a fight between them i'd say jango would win. I mean jango knows boba, and when i say "knows boba" i mean KNOWS BOBA!!! his fighting styles, his ships basic capabilities, what he would do in every kind of situation! it might've been a long time from when jango died to when boba became the greatest bounty hunter ever, but everything that boba did was taught to him by his dad. (Then again they would never fight each other).


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Is there anything else to discuss or are we certain who would win in a fight?


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True Warrior wrote:

OH Chewie all the way!! The power of a wookie is inferier to the power of the force, er...*ahem*....I mean a blaster. big_smile Plus, Chewie is the best wookie around! But why would they fight in the first place? Chewie and Han would never hurt each other.

                                                                       {MW} TW

because Chewie would catch Han eating his kibbles and bits!


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I do have the game.
I have it for xbox.
I played a little over internet, name is eastsparlen117.

I thought the game's campaign, although short, was kick ***, the AI was really good, the weapons were cool, the levels were well designed and fun to play, but my only problems with it was it was way to short, and the multiplayer had a lot of room for improvement, other than that, I enjoyed playing this game!!!


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I just gotta laugh at stuff like this, I think it's very funny.

i know jodo kast but who is ailyn vel???


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the dead ones are my favorite. (im a jerk)


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i loved starwars, eversince i was put on this jar jar binks hating planet


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Your Star Wars Name: Elina Luman

Your Star Wars Title: Nahsou of Xela

hhhhhmmmmmm.....works for me...........

i thought the nexu were awesome.i heard that nexu are actually used as "watch dogs" on some planets, which to me is pretty cool!


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MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

My favorite quote is by my man Han Solo.....when he says to Chewie :
"Get in there!!!!....(growl)(han kicks chewie's butt)....I dont care whatcha smell!!!"

and my other favorite is again a han solo quote:
"What a wonderful smell you've discovered!"  lol lol lol          these quotes are both from "A New Hope"


darn now i gotta watch a new hope again, just because it's so good. I'm off, WOOOOOSH(pretends to fly)

my favorite character i jar jar binks. you can tell just by looking at him that there's a lot of psychological activity going on in his head, but seriously fett rules the most in my books.


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but think about it. Jango was the only person boba loved, and they were together for 11 years. i would become attatched to someone i was with for my entire child life. and to witness that person that you cherish the most, that loves back the most, get brutally decapitated by someone from the jedi, who jango had already explained are their worst enemies, would probably cause boba to be hurt in a way that time nor any medical treatment known to man could heal...

my favorite star wars thing was my stuffed toy bantha i got when i was 3. i took it everywhere, even for show and tell at school. but now it sits on my shelf and guards my starwars books vigilantly.

i love rotj, just because of the fantastic finalie with like three huge battles going on at once. what a rush!!!

i think it would have to depend a little on the enviroment, witch combatant it suited more...like a closed in space so boba couldn't use his jetpack to great effect, and with lots of things to force throw around, and a large open space, so yoda would have a harder time trying to hit fett, and most of the things to throw are either bolted down or to heavy to throw with any effect.


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Boba Dude wrote:
BalanceSheet wrote:

Jedi scalps...that's quite gruesome.

I agree that's gross.  Wookiee pelt's seem more like what Boba would kill.

but then what will boba eat corn flakes out of?!?!  (gross)


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my favorite is when chewbacca says---"auahuggaugahuauhghuaguaghahuguua"   it still brings a tear to my eye even today...


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