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Guide to Fett’s Celebration 4 (C4) Coverage

Published May 27, 2007 by BFFC Aaron in Community

514359992 7cff2e4c6e Guide to Fetts Celebration 4 (C4) CoverageOn-going posts on anything relating to Boba Fett (actors, fans, exclusives) at the Celebration 4, going on right now.

VIDEO – Clips of Boba Fett flying (Angle A, Angle B)

VIDEO – G4 interview (eventually includes Jeremy Bulloch, Boba Fett)

PHOTO – “The Vader Project”
LA Weekly – “From the Star Wars Celebration IV, 66 artists designed their own Darth Vader helmets — [Artist] Suckadelic standing in front of his own Vader project. … [He was] in a Boba Fett costume (which he was also wearing in real life, wandering around the convention center) holding a mini model boombox.” Exhibit curated by Dov Kelemer.

ARTICLE – “L.A. expo is not far, far away”
Press-Telegram – “Everyone likes to kick it with Jango.”

INTERVIEW – “Steve Sansweet: The Sweet Sounds of a Star Wars Obsession”
CNBC – “This is a pretty exact replica of the bounty hunter Boba-Fett,” he says, standing next to the hulking figure of the high-tech assassin.

PHOTO – “The Dented Helmet” Booth
Flickr user jorge_pina2002 – “These guys guide you on creating a Boba or Jango Fett outfit.”

PHOTO – “Boba Fett” original costume
Flickr user jorge_pina2002

PHOTO – “Jango Fett” Temuera Morrison
Flickr user jorge_pina2002

PHOTO – “Opening Ceremonies” Boba Fett
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog – “An actual working rocket-pack Boba Fett makes a surprise landing at the Opening Ceremonies.”

PHOTO – “Pair of Fetts”
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog – “Like father, like son. A pair of Fetts, and not the usual pair, either.”

PHOTO – “Boba Fett” original Costume
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog – “From the Lucasfilm Archive Exhibit: An original Boba Fett costume, part of a Jabba’s Palace-themed display.”

PHOTO – “Boba Fett” in box / “He’s No Good to Me Dead”
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog – “How do you think that armor got scuffed in the first place? Not enough bubble wrap.”

PHOTO – “Daniel Logan”
Flickr user BEY CHUA

PHOTO – “Temuera Morrison”
Flickr user PaulandJenn

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