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Debut of the "Boba Fett is Dead" Comic Series

Updated December 13, 2014 11:30 am • Published
Written by • Filed under Collectibles

This week was the debut of the new Star Wars: Blood Ties 4-part series called "Boba Fett is Dead."

The news spreads from one end of the galaxy to the other like wildfire: Boba Fett, the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter, is dead.

But when members of the team that killed Fett are themselves picked off one by one, Connor Freeman--the son of one of Jango Fett's clones--gets pulled into the action in a most unexpected way!

The series is written by Tom Taylor. The artwork and cover is Chris Scalf.

The publisher, Dark Horse Comics, has a preview of the comic's first few pages online.

The series "Blood Ties" was previously used for a Boba / Jango four-part comic book series, "A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett."

One thought on “Debut of the "Boba Fett is Dead" Comic Series

  1. UBFF says:

    well, I hate this title. But I do know how this series will end even though i have not even read this comic. This is not Boba Fett, this is some other person dressed as the great Fett-Man himself or some other excuse. I know this because of three important reosons
    #1: This (may) take place before ANH.
    #2: Boba Fett is an experienced bounty hunter who by the reviews say was shot down by a
    small band of people (not very likley because of the fact that boba is the best bounty hunter and a mandalorean).
    #3: HE IS F****ING BOBA FETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you have the nerve to try to prove me wrong, leave a response. If you agree with me, leave a response. If you have no opinion on the subject don't leave a response, jerk.

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