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April Fool’s Day 2009

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For the last 17 hours, we pranked over 1,000 visitors to with this farewell page:

We also solicited feedback on the site, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Here is a select group of responses:

  • “We are all saddened by the loss of the BFFC. It had a great run. Everyday in the Summer, I would wake up and go on the BFFC. Thank you for giving us such a great site.” — Glopino
  • “I finally found a Boba Fett website and it is no more! Bad timing a guess, why was the site shut down though? If you don’t mind me asking.” — Stephen
  • “I’m going to first off say I am a bit suspicious. Is this legit and Lucasfilm finally responded to you or this just an April Fools’ Day gag? … What is the meaning of this? Eh? Canadian onto something? :P” — Sev
  • “That’s surprisingly and strangely depressing…” — Steve (via Twitter)
  • “You actually freaked me out for a sec until I went over at the Mando Mercs site, or should I say the Delta Quadrant Star Trek Costume Club. Then I realized what day it is. Good one, dude. Catch you later.” — Sadriel
  • “This has to be an April Fool’s joke…” — Rudy (via Facebook)
  • “Jeez, i almost bought that.” — Erik (via Facebook)
  • “Haha awesome!! Was that your site? I’m sorry to hear…” — John (via Facebook)
  • “April fools?” — Thomas (via Facebook)
  • “Nooo!!! :( So many good memories…” — Phillip (via Facebook)

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