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Exclusive Roundup of Star Wars Celebration 4 - Fett Style

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celebration-iv_costume.jpgKamino, Tatooine, Bespin... Los Angeles? Incognito, sporting a Princess Leia badge (the kids got Boba today), I made my way through every footpath with the intent to bring the best of C4 to all of the Boba Fett fans near and far, and to start highlighting the individuals and their stories as I met them. Artists, actors and fans of all types were checked out for their "Fett cred" and I caught up with most of them.

Three Fetts

celebration-iv_daniel.jpg celebration-iv_jeremy.jpg
  • Jeremy Bulloch, always a pleasure to see, but especially with every single fan he gets to meet. Mr. Cool was also sporting a Fett sweatband, saving the armored gauntlet for a bounty.
  • Daniel Logan, after making a joke to Kenny Baker, walked out with ... a lady friend?
  • Temuera Morrison, in sunglasses and a red warm-up, had a very long line.

Fett Costume Masters

celebration-iv_scott.jpg celebration-iv_costumes.jpg
  • Manuel DeCastro of Modesto, California spent 2 years perfecting his costume.
  • Daniel of Redding, California took 6 months with his creative take -- blue motif -- with a gun, modified from a Super Soaker water gun.
  • Scott Chana of Phoenix, Arizona took 10 months for Jango Fett.
  • Scott Kaufmann had 6 months to finish off Boba. He came to C4 from Boerne, Texas with a headset microphone for tricking out his voice for lines like, "As you wish."
  • Many, many kids sporting Boba and Jango Fett costumes.

Coming later this week, two spotlight articles on creative and very talented fans:

  1. Ray Ramirez -- Mando Sniper from the BFFC Message Boards! -- Joanne and Lance Dworshak, all of whom I had the pleasure of talking to for hours around closing time. They were two groups that met through Fett, and their similarities grew from there. Many, many amazing photos, too.
  2. Cruzer went with an Open Seasons Jango look, taking him two months. He's from Porterville, California, and has a lot of good stories to share.

Fett-inspired Groups

  • The Dented Helmet -- what a community! Their forum-based group pulled together the donations, seat-shifts, well-designed banners, and test-drivable Fett helmets.
  • The Mandalorians, Mississippi Chapter, with their humble president Jay on hand, proudly told me about their start and use of the Fan Force site to brand out for monthly grassroots gatherings.

Boba Fett Art

  • celebration-iv_gould.jpgIllustrator Grant Gould touted a C4 poster and Boba Fett / Han Solo oversided card.
  • Joe Corroney, who back-in-the-day posted some of his Boba Fett artwork to this site, missed the crowds of Celebration 3. Would others agree?
  • Two years deep into work with Lucasfilm, Craig Howell showed off his high-contrast approach.
  • Two of 66 artists reworking Vader helmets decided to include Boba Fett.

Boba Fett Bounty

  • Gentle Giant supposedly sold out of the Animated Boba Fett before I got there to see it. Tisk, tisk.
  • celebration-iv_acme-and-jun.jpgAcme was already selling one of three frames from Robot Chicken: Star Wars; the trailer showed up online a couple days ago. The coolest one is, of course, Boba Fett.
  • Mandalorian armor that goes into the washer: Junk Food, a clothing company, had two very popular Boba Fett shirt. So popular, maybe, that they weren't available in smaller sizes, as overhead in line.
  • Hasbro showed off the McQuarrie concept figure and the 30th Anniversary Fett figure.
  • Tomorrow, Ralph McQuarrie's booth is giving away a free bounty hunter bookmark on the last day, Monday.

Inside Information

  • An anonymous source confirms that "True Colors" is the name of Karen Traviss's next Mandalorian book.

Thanks to therealmccoy and BFFC Eric for late-night proofing.

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