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Disney/Lucasfilm Acquisition: Mickey’s Slave I on South Park

Published November 8, 2012 by BFFC Aaron in Film & TV

south park obama wins1 580x326 Disney/Lucasfilm Acquisition: Mickeys Slave I on South Park

south park obama wins 340x145 Disney/Lucasfilm Acquisition: Mickeys Slave I on South Park

Last night’s South Park episode, “Obama Wins!,” featured a Boba Fett reference. Here’s a summary according to IGN:

Then there were the Disney/Star Wars references, which were the icing on the cake. From the reprise of SP’s Mickey Mouse — who rolled up in Slave I — to Cartman galloping in on a Tauntaun (accompanied by a baby Ewok), there were plenty of great sight gags to keep the ball rolling. I particularly enjoyed the meeting between Mickey and Cartman, a subtle nod to Vader and Luke’s cordial meeting on Endor in Return of the Jedi.

At 13 minutes and 3 seconds in, Cartman starts by yelling, “There’s Boba Fett’s ship!”

You can watch the episode right now at

Check out stills from the episode in our gallery.

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