Re: Was Boba Fett worse after Attack of the Clones

I personally think that adding in some history to the character just made him a deeper, more relate-able character as a whole. I loved AotC, so. xP

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Re: Was Boba Fett worse after Attack of the Clones

Yes, I think Boba Fett's character was worse after AOTC. Mainly because a mysterious history had already been created for him via the novels written.

I really didn't like the idea that he was a clone. I liked to think he was one of a kind. Plus I didn't want to know what he looked like under the helmet.

If anything, the idea of seeing him as a kid seemed to weaken the image I had of Boba Fett. I know he had to be a child at some time but that wasn't the kind of past I had thought he'd have.

But what can I say, the prequels really did wreck a lot of novel storylines that came between the two trilogies.

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