He hasn't been around since that Heart Scare he had while doing the Reality
Tour   I was in the Pit and did think at the that time  ''Yep!! Man you're at your Peak
he has been seen at some Events and his Son's Moon flick,,I really think he has shown People what's his Music is about ,,why wear one's self into the ground

Bats was more a Babylon Fan but for Star Trek  in it's time was good and there never
has been such a Alien Star as Spock
I think Mr Lucas can really do another  Star wars and call it The Missing Chronicles
that could show Boba Fett growning up and how he survived and became the Bounty Hunter
and I think his Dad Jango had a plan ,,remember he was there from the start,,

At long last they are doing Bat's favourite Comic Hero Mandrake,,he's was the
first Hero came out in 1934.
They are making the Movie and the Actors meet with Bats idea on what they should
look like
Mandrake Jonathan Rhys Meyers,the look and style od Mandrake
Lother    Djimon Honsow I looked him up has the build and the soft voice as this Gentle
Giant would have
Can't wait to see the Movie

Yer!! if Star T  ,,when Capt Kirk was young and etc and go back to the early days
Well surely Mr Lucas can do the same and make sure this time ,,we'll see
Boba Fett growning up to the Bounty Hunter,,would  really fill in the Gaps,of
the saga,,is there HOPE !!!

Realmccoy  !!!! you'll be surprised ,,how people forget once things are out of
the Limelight ....


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YER!!!  I agree,it is Gross I saw  Phar Lap [aussie famous racing horse] it
looked spooky..there is more ideas flashing around,,but I think then photo says it all

Yes it was funny  they even thought he was from the Glass Spider Tour  LOL
I would HATE to explain Bowie to the Boba Fett Fans that would be hard

Bats just loves Science Fiction,,sadly there has been lacking in these shows
at the Movies and on TV,,saw the preview of Avatar  looks very promising,
I think there will be a bit of a Rumble about the Cartoon fact,but if it's done right
can fit into the story,will out in Decenber
And has anyone seen District 9 yet,,that has been given good rating,,but looks a
bit sad of how the Earth treating these Aliens,,let me know how it is


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I like your Avatar Droidek a shows the true Boba Fett
I thought I'll changed my  old Avatar must be sick of the Bat LOL!!!
I put on my Avatar ,,showing my Dream but I cut Bowie off for you all  I especially love this
one Boba Fett the full photo is of him coming out of a Porthole all ready for action 

It was funny ..Bowie board wanted photos of the Fans so I sent my wallpaper
they asked ''Who was the Flame Thrower in the back ground ''
TUT! TUT!! had to explain who Boba was ,a bit of it is in my Avatar Bowie on the other
side ,,I thought it best to cut Bowie out LOL!!!  hate to explain Bowie too

BFFC therealmccoy
Bats is only going on to the Movies sadly I haven't the Novels concerning Boba Fett
I can only have so much,so Bats is really going on what I have WHY!!! doesn't
Mr Lucas put those Novels into film even if its only cartoon but not that Childish
cartoon he put out with the Clones,,the Games ones look so good in Cartoon
shouldly he could do that  I don't think he likes Boba Fett to be so popular

Bats has been a Fan for a long time ,,and there has been really nothing much around
Till I saw this show on Iran and there is a Guy called Ali,what a talent ,playing his music
could land him jail or even worse,,his voice is so far ahead of his time ,I had to chuckle
in the Studio ,,the Engineer,really didn't have a idea of how to handle his music.
here is his Website ,,let him know we are for him
www.arthimoth.com  and not bad looking either Girls


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Sadly Bats lives in a little town tucked away in the Coast and I've never seen these Books
The Writer seems to have a Love and Hate with the Fans,,Boba having a soft touch I can't
really see that in him ...with my Tattoo I have the saying ''I Serve No One'' isn't that
the real Boba Fett,,my thinking with his Dad he just wanted someone to do the dirty work
for him ,as Jango to me was a selfish Man and Boba did love him or should I say loyal to
him Jango really didn't care for Boba.

Si !!!! Bats is so jealous my is made up,yours is Huba-Huba,your Grin says everything

pity no one else has posted theit favourite I just love yours
HMMMMM!!! wish that was me


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There a great photo of Sam drinking water from this Fireman during those terrible
Bushfires in Aussie,,
Poor Darling passed away ,though a illness that hits Koalas mainly Stress,she passed
away ,,she captured many a Heart,as Aussies Animals are really not the Pet type
and for her to come for Water like she did was very rare especially for a Koala,there
is even talk about Stuffing her ,I think that photo of Sam says everything.

Miba that's a shame I would really love to see a Film made of it ,so well done,
I would really love to play that Game but I'm really not into Games ,but I would try it
but they are so pricy and SO [snarling orchid] would blow a fuse he hasn't let me
forget of how much Broadband is ,,but as I told him 'I;ve been VERY patient to get
it 6yrs''
I thought it would be nice to have a Off-Spring  of Boba,prehaps I can say his
Grandmother !!!
You can see the difference in that Star Wars Clone movie if it had been done like that
coming Game would have done better.

BFFC !! Thank you for putting trailer on I just loved it the Cartoon done so well
and what a show it will ,at first I thought it was a new Game,,not my thing,
Can't wait till it comes out prehaps they might put that lady as Boba Fett's daughter ?????

HMMMM!!! Boba Fett a Villian,never really thought of him as a Villian,even
Darth Varther became a Good Guy,,but I put my vote in ,just because it will put more
notice on Boba Fett,,I think Boba's Dad was more of a Villian.

Of course I'm cheating a bit with my favourite photo,,which is now my Avatar
as you can see we are well suited LOL!!!
I just love this photo of Boba Fett ,one of my Wallpapers he is coming though this Port Hole

I have a mixture of what I collect,  lots of Elephants,Dragons,special things,and
of course anything on David Bowie,just received three great Posters on his Concerts
sadly missed out on his first Aussie tour too pricy for my pocket LOL!!
But there is ONE downer on my collection,,I said to my eldest ''I wonder  what
will happen to them when I drift away '' he said ONE word ''EBAY'',I'm taking them
with me.

Anything to get Boba Fett back on the screen miss him so much


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The photo on the right that says   Latest  Boba Fett News where was the photo taken from
it's a great action shot,who is Boba fighting ???


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It was a Nightmare but I'm finally back had BIG worries with the Broadband,,but I'm
back with the one I was with on Dial-Up,,had to buy a new Modem etc,I was going though
Withdrawals ,,I hope you like my new avatar.


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Johan my Antie-Christ is very small I think she just makes 3grams as you
can see very tiny Monster,my Vet reckons her Mum scrapped the bottom of the Gene pool
with Tippie,,I named her after that lady who looks after abused Lions tigers etc,,she
is a strong Lady too,,,one day I will get my true soul dog a Basenji,I use to breed them
even have her name picked out,   Cairo Rose Sullie   like it.

BFFC   I  can recll Jango saying something ,,but with all those clones around
I think he had a greater plan for Boba,,to gain more power ,, I think he had some plan
until he untimely death ,,his Helmet was the only thing Boba got from him,,
YUK!! thinking about that head in the Helmet