Not sure I understand your tone or intention in your reply, but no matter. Would you mind providing the info of where Cassus Fett is mentioned or seen in Star Wars novels, comics, or books etc etc? Would love to read up on him.

Thank You.

Bando Out.

In regards to your beach towel...i would like to offer you a simple solution rather then saying its a incorrect beach towel of Boba Fett. That and could be a good conversation piece for you, if you want that is.

I did some research on the history of Boba and other Mandalorians known to date with what sources i could gather. To my knowledge until just yesterday, there is no record of a Mandalorian with grey armor. Then i realized the answer was right under my nose, the source i needed to look at was the very book i was reading...Bloodlines.

A former clone trooper and now merc/bounty hunter sporting Mando Armor has a all grey variation of this suit. If you havent read the book then this next part will either make you think im a liar or i just typoed. But the clones age is 140 years old. His name is Skirata. From the words of Jango Fett himself, this is how he described Skirata...

     "  A short, tough, fanatical man who trained clone commandos and was the dirtiest fighter i have ever known. "

Well just thought i would say my 2 cents, hope i could help in any way. Or maybe i was just useful in wasting some peoples time in writing this. Either way, this is what i found.

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Ok here it goes...i dont post often but when i do i try to make it count. I take pride in my indepth knowledge of how Boba would think and act in certain situations. I wont go into my background and how i make a living but just trust me.

Boba would avoid signing anything at all costs, unless of course the contract stated a signature was required. But that would have to involve a seperate payment all together for Boba to even uphold that part of the contract.  Otherwise he would just dismiss it.

Next would be the issue of would he want anyone having or knowing what his signature would look like, dont forget scums in the galaxy could find someway to make some creds of just his signature alone or even pasteing it to everything they can endorse for a few creds. Like toys, books, rigged photos etc etc.

Next if Boba did agree to something as crazy as that considering all the technology in that day and age, more then likely everytime he would sign something it would be different. With Boba's birth records as they are ( if they even do exist ) who could say they dont register or dont match up. In fact who would be stupid enough to say that
     " You arent Boba! This doesnt even look like his signature."       BLAM!!!

would be the response i would anticipate.

So lets say for a second that Boba wouldnt sign different each time...more then likely his signature would be the first letter of his first name and the first letter of his last name. Reason being is he wouldnt spend a lot of time signing something, he would want it short, sweet and to the point. Getting him out of the room and finished with business asap.

Now the decision weither he would sign his name in Basic or Mand'oa would be the good what language does he prefer. From what i have seen in the movies and in comics. ( looking at the onboard monitors of his ship ) Looks like he prefers Mand'oa.

Well i hope this little bit of info helps. Thank you for your time.

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All very good responses...and you are all most likely correct in the assumption that it will have some sort of significance ,regardless if it may be small. My printer is down atm so im figuring a way out now to bring this e novel to work with me.

I did just finish reading Betrayal the first book in this new series Legacy of the Force, ( 2nd book being Bloodlines) and let me say Betrayal was quite satisfying. Being that im not much of a Jedi fan, i was well pleased with its pace and plot hooks it thru to keep you interested as you read.

Again i thank you all for your time and input on this topic. Feel free to email me if you feel the need for another Fett brother.


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Thank you so much for the speedy response. One question i forgot to ask when dealing with the pratical man.

Knowing now that The Practical Man is set before Bloodlines....does the Practical Man contain any important info that would have me required to read it before  Bloodlines. Reason being is Bloodlines will be carried to work to occupy time, were Practical Man is on home computer. So basically the question is do i have to read P. Man before Bloodlines? Dont want to read B. Lines then catch myself going huh? what? how? when?!!

Hope this question is not to confusing...thank you all for your time and quick replies.

Is the Practical man set before or after the Bloodlines book, need to know before i start bloodlines. Thanks for your time, hopefully someone knows.