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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Vietnam II........ Bah.

I was 100% for the invasion.  All the evidence that Saddam was working on nukes and bio weapons.  We havn't found them yet, but I'm not convinced they weren't there  *and we did find some bio/chemical weapons, but the damn newsies don't like to talk about those 'undesirable' facts*.  But even IF all the mass destruction evidence was BS, I'm still glad we're there killing terrorists OVER THERE rather then fighting them in the streets here or letting them run rampent in Europe. 

I only wish the damn polititions would take the leash off the military and let them do thier job

We arent killing terrorists over there, they are killing us. We cant fight an enemy we cant see. I say we take out our troops and bomb the hell out of the entire middle east and make it a parking lot. What were doing now isnt working, we cant drop bombs monday and food tuesday. All or nothing, stop fighting a war with one hand behind our backs.


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Alo Fett wrote:


Ok, Jokes over you guessed it. I am a good (if I do say so myself) Photoshoper and made the WHOLE thing up. Yes this means the faked quote the real blog (that I changed the words of) and the cover art all me.
So have a good laugh and "thank the maker" that this IS only a joke.

Ill give ya that one. Good joke man, thank god it isnt true!


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I have returned!!!


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CHAPLAIN GRIMALDUS is a Chaplain in the Black Templars Space Marines chapter. Chaplain's are responsiable for the moral of the squad or fighting force. He is basically a "keeper of the faith", someone the men can come to when they need.

I used the title of Crusader because the Black Templars have been on the longest running Crusade to date in the Emperors name.


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Nice job guys looks awesome!


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I think your dealing with what everyone has delt with growing up. No matter how many people you surround yourself with sometimes you just feel alone. Dont stress about it things will be fine.


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Giving is nice but everyone knows you like recieving better!!!


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Any pics of him??


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Alot of the battle scenes seemed to be on a larger scale, Genosis for one was awesome. I like how they gave some Clone Troopers more of a role as opposed to them being target practice.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:

I am a bog fan of the ESB Boba suit.

Well I'm a BOG fan of those red gauntlets in RotJ!   *sorry, Chaplain; I couldn't resist    big_smile   You'll get me for my spelling soon if you look  tongue *

You got me. Sometimes my fingers miss!


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I am a bog fan of the ESB Boba suit.


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Her book wasnt bad I just wish she would have followed it up with another about him at least. She isnt amazing or anything and I do agree with it pissing me off when writers just decided to make things up about Boba, but I think it pisses me off more that there are so many conflicting stories about the Fetts.

Wings would just hamper him, there to cumbersome.


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Dont go to church.


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

I'd rather not join this religious debate over... Dinosaurs and space(wtf...?)... but this has gotten out of hand.

I'm just going to lay down some hard facts about both science and religions so we can at least have some guidance.

1. The bible doesn't mention dinosaurs. (This means next to nothing, obviously Jesus didn't ride a T-Rex to his carpenter job. They didn't live in the same time period, most religious scholors take the "days" as figurative speech)

2. Science is based on faith in much the same way as religion is. How do you know there is air? Somebody told you. How do you know how your heart works? Somebody told you. Unless you are a scienctist you do not have first hand knowledge. You take it on faith that these people are not lying to you.

3. Scientists still can't "prove" humans evolved from anything. Religion still can't prove we came from (insert creation story here).

4. Carbon dating... I'm still confused on how this entered the fray... is a pretty good way to approximate when something lived. Half-life timing scales have been used very successfuly over the years. But once again, it comes down to whether or not you have faith in the scientists and their practices.

The fifth and most important fact in my post.

5. NOBODY WINS A RELIGIOUS DEBATE!!!!! Ever. 1 person is never going to say, "Wow thanks the argument that we just had over a message board that doesn't even pertain to this topic, with people who are not experts on either side of the debate, I have changed my mind on how I view religion / science.

Thank you for your time.

You can physically see proof of science if you do certain experiments and such. Thats alot more than faith, its proof, you can do many things yourself with science where as religion is spiritual more personal, its what you believe. Science you dont need to believe because it proves itself. We has humans can break down atoms and minerals and look at their properties. Thats physical, you can see it. They tell you water is made up of such and such....then they prove it to you. Noone can prove religion to you. There is no proof, just a bunch of people saying someone spoke to them and told them to do this or that. Until someone proves it to me im always going to ask questions.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Lord Revan wrote:

Haha, you know the carbon dating system is extremely inacurate? It's like trying to hit a bullseye at 500 yards with a shotgun.

Ok, this upsets me. Yeah there is no  way that we are going to even have a popsicle's chance in hell to get the exact date. The carbon dating system gives us an estimate showing us about how old it is. But for one thing we know there was life before man because of how deep some fossils are.  A Christian freind of mine explained dinosaurs away as being things mistaken for dragons present so soon ago as the times of Christ. Thats only ten times the age of this country.(America) If they were that young then how are there fossils so deep in undisturbed bedrock layers? That takes not thousands, but millions of years to form. And if humans were present that long ago, why are there no records? Not just written, but even fossil records. Even a casket can leave a fossil, not petrified wood, most likely, but an empty space in the rock.

Si, in response to your comment:

I believe that giant carnivorous lizard would have effects. If dinosaurs were still many, the small towns would have probably two to three meter tall walls to protect against any thing such as a group of Velociraptors* to a Tyrannosaurus. Traveling long distances alone or in small groups would be nearly impossible.

In response to CA: The church is not always right, We now know that the Sun is the center of the solar system, and we are part of an infinite amount of other galaxies. There is no way that we are alone.

I believe in god. I am not an atheist, however my belifs are different then the version put forward by the church, which, mind you are men. Men can lie, no matter who they are. Even the Pope, his Holiness, is capable of things that could be considered 'evil'.  I do not intend to insult anyone with these comments, I am just stating fact, or what I belive it to be.

I must ask how this topic degenerated into an argument about religion.


I like what you said about "man" the lying and fault. Which brings me to yet another point.....the bible was written by "man" thus man has error and flaws. Much of what is in the bible could have been misunderstood or translated improperly, any number of things. But really think about it. Some guy could have sat down years and years ago and wrote the bible, then some hundred years later someone else found it and added on to it so on and so forth. Heck, if there was no bible right now anyone of you or even me could start it. Just start writing and some years down the road who knows who would find it and what they believed after reading it. We could say that a man came down with wings of a demon and swore that he was Michael Jackson and if they didnt know any better (like we did when we first discovered the bible) then for all we know they would tell everyone it was the truth. I know its far fetched but its deffinially possiable.

Again, I DO believe in "a god" I just despise the church for what it is and has become. I also choose to look at facts and constantly ask questions, as I dont like to follow anything blindly.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Human share about 50% of our DNA with bananas.

WIthin geneticism it is my understanding that even a few percentage points can make a huge difference.

98% is still something more than you have for the bible. Here is something saying "hello I am 98%!!!!" the bible you have random writings from dozens of people who claim to have been asked by god or jesus to write things down. Well then tell me what happened to all the missing pages of the bible? or the chapters that were taken out from the original or maybe even the chapters written but the church in all its wisdom decided not to publish them, citing that they went against many of the foundations of religion. It just seems to be that they tell you what they want you to know and rely on the fact that you wont ask questions. Tell me what happens when the majority of a people start questioning who? what? when? where? and why?, the system breaks down and then the government and church no longer have control.


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Fett_II wrote:

Monkey and human DNA are 98% similar. Makes more sense than we just appeared.

Thats what im saying. Im not saying that you are wrong for what you believe. Im just saying what I believe and feel. Im also not saying there isnt some sort of god or anything like I stated a few back, but more evidence points to science.


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Saying that we came from apes is more accurate than saying we just appeared here like "poof", almost all animals have evolved from other animals so why wouldnt we? That doesnt make sense. Im not talking about carbon dating so I dont know why everyone is bringing that up. Its more of a logic thing. But thats just my opinion.


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Lord Revan wrote:

Haha, you know the carbon dating system is extremely inacurate? It's like trying to hit a bullseye at 500 yards with a shotgun.

That doesnt explain dinosaurs or anything else.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:

Not to mention that sience has constantly proved religion false in many areas.

Can you name some of these scientific 'facts' proving religion wrong for us?  So much of science is based on wishful thinking and used with such a narrow minded attitude that I'd like to hear what 'facts' they have to disprove religion in any way

I'm a Christion; not a normal one I guess.  I don't go to church.  I got my teachings from a TV paster *no, not one of those loons who 'talks' to God and makes claims like 'God will strike me down..........if I can't raise 1,000,000 dollars!'*  I know he's a good teacher cause he challenges his students to read the Word, study it for themselves, and TRY to prove him wrong.  I also know he's a true teacher cause he spends his lectures doing only 2 things: Reading and explaining the Bible and answering questions about it.

I wasn't the student I should have been, and because of work I havne't seen any of his lectures in some time  *so don't expect a very deep debate from me  tongue *; but that's where I'm coming from

I agree that alot of seience is theories but for example some years ago a satellite taking pictures of remote mountain regions caught what appeared to be a large formation on top of one of the mountains, religious fanatics swore this was "the ark" used by Noah to ferry animals. Religious people all over the world testified it was true, only to come to find out it was a large formation of rocks. Then there is the ever present theory of evolution, we all basically know and understand that we came from apes, however religion refuses to accept this. Another thing, the Dinosaurs!!! We have proof that they were real and existed millions of years before us and before the bible wa written yet the bible has no mention of dinosaurs or anything else like that. Many of the animals today have evolved from dinosaurs, turtles, crocodiles, birds, sharks. So on and so forth, I just dont like how anything that goes against religion people just say "oh that doesnt count, pay no attention to that".


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I think that there is some sort of god or higher power, but I dont care for organized religion at all. Any belief system where they force you to accept something you have no proof of just based on what some old people say isnt legit. I dont like the fact that when the bible was written they omitted a large section of it telling different accounts of what happened to jesus and so on and so forth, the same thing happened with the new testement, they basically decided what "stories" were to be put in and what would be left out. Not to mention that sience has constantly proved religion false in many areas. I think everyone has the ability to make up their own mind what they want to believe and what they seek.

I hope the original version gets shown. I saw a thing on tv about it a long time ago it seems and it just sort of faded away and I never heard anything of it again. Lets do the right thing.


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Here's an example of what the Journey Protector's were.


They should update that so they dont make it sound like he was killed. It really annoys me when sites dont update anything about Fetts sarlac adventure.

Sadriel_Fett wrote:
Orthar wrote:

The Emperor's Royal Guard uniforms are said to derive from Thyrsus Sun Guard (who wore almost identical helmets) and the Mandalorian Death Watch (although despite intense research I've been unable to find any similarities!)

Here's the links for those, if anyone's interested:




Ralin Drakus wrote:

However, does my memory deceive me, or do I remember seeing the red-clad guardsmen in Ep. III?  That would be a quick transition.  I have the theory that the Emperor's Guardsmen aren't connected to the old Senitoral Gaurds at all, and were a replacement, and an upgrade.

Your memory serves you well.   ;-)  They were in both Episode II (Palpatine's office and the Grand Army viewing box at the end) and Episode III (Palpatine's office and Yoda tossed a couple around before his big fight with Sidious). 

From what I understand, the Red Guard was actually created as a separate unit from the Senate Guard.  Later on, the Red Guard became incorporated into the Imperial Royal Guard. 


That is pretty interesting.