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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Vietnam II........ Bah.

I was 100% for the invasion.  All the evidence that Saddam was working on nukes and bio weapons.  We havn't found them yet, but I'm not convinced they weren't there  *and we did find some bio/chemical weapons, but the damn newsies don't like to talk about those 'undesirable' facts*.  But even IF all the mass destruction evidence was BS, I'm still glad we're there killing terrorists OVER THERE rather then fighting them in the streets here or letting them run rampent in Europe. 

I only wish the damn polititions would take the leash off the military and let them do thier job

We arent killing terrorists over there, they are killing us. We cant fight an enemy we cant see. I say we take out our troops and bomb the hell out of the entire middle east and make it a parking lot. What were doing now isnt working, we cant drop bombs monday and food tuesday. All or nothing, stop fighting a war with one hand behind our backs.


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Alo Fett wrote:


Ok, Jokes over you guessed it. I am a good (if I do say so myself) Photoshoper and made the WHOLE thing up. Yes this means the faked quote the real blog (that I changed the words of) and the cover art all me.
So have a good laugh and "thank the maker" that this IS only a joke.

Ill give ya that one. Good joke man, thank god it isnt true!


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I have returned!!!


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CHAPLAIN GRIMALDUS is a Chaplain in the Black Templars Space Marines chapter. Chaplain's are responsiable for the moral of the squad or fighting force. He is basically a "keeper of the faith", someone the men can come to when they need.

I used the title of Crusader because the Black Templars have been on the longest running Crusade to date in the Emperors name.


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Nice job guys looks awesome!


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I think your dealing with what everyone has delt with growing up. No matter how many people you surround yourself with sometimes you just feel alone. Dont stress about it things will be fine.


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Giving is nice but everyone knows you like recieving better!!!


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Any pics of him??


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Alot of the battle scenes seemed to be on a larger scale, Genosis for one was awesome. I like how they gave some Clone Troopers more of a role as opposed to them being target practice.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:

I am a bog fan of the ESB Boba suit.

Well I'm a BOG fan of those red gauntlets in RotJ!   *sorry, Chaplain; I couldn't resist    big_smile   You'll get me for my spelling soon if you look  tongue *

You got me. Sometimes my fingers miss!


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I am a bog fan of the ESB Boba suit.


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Her book wasnt bad I just wish she would have followed it up with another about him at least. She isnt amazing or anything and I do agree with it pissing me off when writers just decided to make things up about Boba, but I think it pisses me off more that there are so many conflicting stories about the Fetts.

Wings would just hamper him, there to cumbersome.

I hope the original version gets shown. I saw a thing on tv about it a long time ago it seems and it just sort of faded away and I never heard anything of it again. Lets do the right thing.


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Here's an example of what the Journey Protector's were.


They should update that so they dont make it sound like he was killed. It really annoys me when sites dont update anything about Fetts sarlac adventure.

Sadriel_Fett wrote:
Orthar wrote:

The Emperor's Royal Guard uniforms are said to derive from Thyrsus Sun Guard (who wore almost identical helmets) and the Mandalorian Death Watch (although despite intense research I've been unable to find any similarities!)

Here's the links for those, if anyone's interested:




Ralin Drakus wrote:

However, does my memory deceive me, or do I remember seeing the red-clad guardsmen in Ep. III?  That would be a quick transition.  I have the theory that the Emperor's Guardsmen aren't connected to the old Senitoral Gaurds at all, and were a replacement, and an upgrade.

Your memory serves you well.   ;-)  They were in both Episode II (Palpatine's office and the Grand Army viewing box at the end) and Episode III (Palpatine's office and Yoda tossed a couple around before his big fight with Sidious). 

From what I understand, the Red Guard was actually created as a separate unit from the Senate Guard.  Later on, the Red Guard became incorporated into the Imperial Royal Guard. 


That is pretty interesting.


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Im pretty short, I am really only about 5'9" on a good day. I weigh about 157lbs, unless I just ate.

I guess it would just be easier to look at pics wouldnt it? I think there is already a topic for that.


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draco fett wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:

PANTERA! End of story.

One of the all-time greatest songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV2xVvJddxY .

Ah yes amazing.


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Respect your elders youngin's


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Si Titran wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:
Si Titran wrote:

C'mon thats not scary... I'm 24 too.

I think with the exception of maybe 2 people we are grandpas.

Grandma.. lol

My bad haha


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Si Titran wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:
Valthonin wrote:

Thanks guys!  big_smile

I am 24. DUN DUN DUN!!!!

C'mon thats not scary... I'm 24 too.

I think with the exception of maybe 2 people we are grandpas.

Si Titran wrote:

If the coloring fades, or even the outline, which they all eventually do to some extent, you can can get it touched up.

True and it is generally pretty cheap. Sometimes even free.


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PANTERA! End of story.


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Thats funny. We all know who the better man is anyway.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Chaplain, all questions about the boards, site, etc. go in the Dialogue forum, not General.

I've now moved the post.

My apologies.