Hey everyone! I want to share with you the progress of my beskar'gam. My Star Wars alter ego , Ram Zerimar, makes a cameo in Bloodlines and for those of you curious about what the armor discribed in the story looks like, heres a peek at what Ill be walking around in at Celebration 4. Its still in the constuction stage, and various parts are at various stages. Here are the armor plates that make up the bulk of Ram's look.

http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i138/ … argam4.jpg

http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i138/ … kargam.jpg

The bare metal has a bronze luster. This is a characteristic of beskar "Real Mando Iron", and is caused by beskar's unique chemical makeup. Beskar ranges in luster depending on the foundry and where it was mined. Other lusters include dark gun metal grey and chrome.
The gold markings date back to the Sith war when the Mandalorians fought on the side of the Sith. My clan made their names known during that conflict for their unrivaled marksmanship skills, and the Sith style markings are a kind of family tribute to that part of their clan history, and not any declaration of loyalty to the Sith because Mandos are loyal to themselves (for the most part).
The Mando'a poem on the back plate was written by Ryan Kaufman and is painted on in Mando typeface. It is a Family motto of sorts that is passed from father to son ever since, and refers to this time in their history when the clan earned the respect of the other clans. Heres the translation.

Ram'ser Aliit'laar (Title)

Te net'ra tracinya
Kot ru'gotal'u
Lo akaan shekemi
Ad Buir ad buir
Bal val nuhoyi
Hukaati o'r ka'ra
Mar'e! Koor'ani

From black fire
Family strength was forged
Into war goes son after his father
And they all sleep
Protected in the stars
At last the job is done
We have found heaven

The poem is from Ram'ika's family narrative. It's taught from father to the clan, on down the line. It was born sometime after the Ram'ser clan fought on the side of the Sith, four thousand some odd years ago, and contains a reference to that time. It describes the passing on from father to son of the warrior spirit, and then describes the final peace for all those who have gone before. A soldier with this painted on his armor knows where he comes from, what he's doing right now, and where he's going.
(Ryan Kaufman)

I think it adds some depth to the overall idea of the armor. I hope you enjoy my armor. I cant wait to be done with it. It wont be ready for Holloween so I have to think of something else this year. Ill no doubt have fun anyway.

Tell me what you think, and be brutaly honest like a true mando would. I take comments and crits well.


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There are enough words to communicate plenty. I was a beta tester for it and Ive writen Op orders, fragos, complex troop commands. It works. Is everyone going to learn it, no. But it is fun, and its even more fun to curse in.


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Vor'e ner jate vode.


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Su'cuy Daenna!!

  These pics are for you. I hope they give you a better referrance for the next time you draw another awesome Mando with a Verp. One of your earlier darwing inspired this buy'ce design I did for a friend. I really liked how you used clan markings. Hope you get a kick out of it. Ill keep and eye out for more of your stuff. Oya'manda vod'ika!

http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i138/ … iper/5.jpg

http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i138/ … asVerp.jpg

http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i138/ … nished.jpg

http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i138/ … iper/1.jpg


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Klingons have zero chance. they'd get their shebs kicked in.


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When I was a young kid, I made a Boba helmet out of some roundish aluminum cooking pots. My dad cut the T-visor out with his tools. It never stayed on straight and  I out grew it pretty quick. I stopped playing with it when it hurt to take off. My nose would stick out of the front. i wish i had pictures.


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Daenna wrote:
Miba wrote:
Daenna wrote:

Pretty much anything, I guess. But the main reason is because it looks neat so I just added that tongue .... But yeah, what Mando-sniper said wink

You may notice in AotC that Zam Wessel has them too.

Anyway, let's ask Google about that, lol

I had noticed Zam had them, in fact that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this Mando girl with them. And thanks for googling it, I didn't think to do that. What you and MandoSniper said makes sense. Thanks. smile

Oh, and I love how she looks colored! I especially like the bluish coloring you used on the markings. I really like her shoulder one, it looks like a skull symbol crossed with a flower.

Thanks! That's what I was going for... The "bantha skull" symbol is symetrical, the transformations are infinite!

Hey Deanna, great job on the color scheme, ori'kandosii vod'ika! The clan markings look awesome and the colors look great against the burgundy coveralls. The small hold out blaster looks hot too.

The skull symbol is called a Mythosaur Skull, I used to call it a bantha skull too.


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I dont know myself, but I know that from experience that real soldiers use whats called in the Army ranger beads for keeping track of distance during land navigation. They look very much like that  Id expect a good Mando to have a set when all the bells and whistles of tech are gone. Have to be able to do it the old fashioned way.


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Kandosii!! The beskar'gam looks good. Im curious as to the color scheme you are going to choose for her. I really like the the armor is discrete. Im not a fan of the Boobie/bootylicious mando women ive seen before. Im feeling the armor plate on the hand, its a cool addition. the clan markings look pretty sweet too. Good job burc'ya.


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Ill be sure to check back. I wasnt a registered user of this message board until today. I just had to say thumbs up on that scene. It was depicted very well i thought. As soon as i saw it it gave me a flashback to that Vau scene in TZ. I liked the use of perspective and the contrast between the forground and the background.  The traffic and the lights totally gives a sense of hight. Kandosii, ori'kandosi! Im working on fan stuff myself.  Keep it up ner vod.


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Su'cuy Daenna!

   I was cruising my favorate Mando spots on the web and I decided to see some fan art. I hit this page and am checking out your stuff, which is awesome if I may say so, and what do I see. A couple of Mando'ade about to make some poor soul's day take a turn for the worse with a verp sniper rifle ala Walon Vau in Triple Zero.  I was like no way thats awesome, maily because I designed the verp with Karen Traviss and am the guy who made her the life sized model. I recognized it right away and it was awesome to see it in your illustration. Thank you for making my day burc'ya!