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I'm New To This Site I Dont Know Much About These Boards Any Help From Anyone Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Im An Avid Fett Collector And Im Also Building My Own Fett Costume. I/ve Been Floating Around This Site And Havent Found Anyone Talking About Making A Fett Costume. So I Guess Ill Leave It Up To Whoever What Do You Think About Making A Costume And If Your Making One Im About 60% Complete On Mine So I Can Give Tips Or Help On Them. I Guess Alot Of You Have Been On Here For A While And Have Your Own Friends On Here Its Pretty Cool To See How Many People Are Into All Things Fett Id Like To Get To Know Some Of Ya And See What Ya Have To Say

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ya i just entered this site and am also working on a fett costume and im going to make it have some real working parts (see topic "does it work?")
im probably only 50% of the way there because i still need to bend out my plates and put some padding and a visor on my "mystery" helmet

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Cool I Have All The Armor, Gauntlets, Flight Suit, Flack Vest, I Have A Helmet But Its Autographed. Also The Ammo Belt And I Still Have To Dye The Rope Belt